No Code AI NFT Generator

Easily create digital artworks to sell as NFTs online free with AI NFT generator in Fotor. No code knowledge required. Make stylish NFT artworks with Fotor in minutes!

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Make Stunning NFT Artwork with NFT Creator

Creating NFT art has never been easier. Fotor's online NFT generator empowers you to craft visually striking and unique pieces of digital art that are ready for the blockchain. Whichever style you want, we've got it covered! With just a few clicks, you can turn your vision into reality.

An nft of a cartoon duck with green background

Effortlessly Create NFT Art Without Coding

Are you ready to embark on your journey as an NFT creator without the need for complex coding or intricate graphic design skills? Fotor's no code AI NFT generator has got you covered. Harness the power of AI to transform your ideas into stunning digital artwork without breaking a sweat. Start with a text prompt or your own photos to create NFT art in seconds.

Once you mint your NFT artwork through a blockchain, you can sell it on NFT marketplaces. Let our AI-powered, code-free solution breathe life into your NFT collections!

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Make nft in fotor with ai and no coding
Create a beautiful girl nft from text in fotor

Text to Image AI NFT Generator

Text to image to transform your thoughts and ideas into visually captivating NFTs. With our NFT maker, you can create extraordinary NFT art from nothing but a text prompt. Just enter a description (or prompt), choose a style you like, hit generate, then watch your NFT art come to life in seconds. Use AI to generate variations of a single image or asset. Express yourself in Fotor without limitations.

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Turn Your Photos into NFT Collections in Multiple Styles

If you have a collection of photos that you'd like to immortalize as NFTs, you've come to the right place! Fotor's NFT creator allows you to do just that. Upload your pictures to our image-to-image or photo to painting tool, which offers multiple artistic styles. Make NFT projects in sketch, cartoon, oil painting, watercolor and so forth.

Our NFT generator is perfect for crafting NFT collections, enabling you to produce 100 artworks from one image in diverse styles, or conversely, create 100 NFTs using various images but in a single artistic style.

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Turn a man photo into two different nft artworks
Make an nft work with fotors layer elements

Unlock Endless Possibilities with Design Elements

Fotor's NFT generator goes beyond basic image conversion. It provides you with a wide range of design elements, layers, and graphic enhancements to give your NFTs that extra touch of uniqueness. Create your layers, import your assets or add the design elements we provide, and you’re done! Customize your NFT creations and make them truly yours.

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NFT Generator Features to Make Sure Your NFTs is A Hit

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NFT creation is extremely easy in Fotor and zero code knowledge is required. Create NFT art with AI algorithm in a few clicks.

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Create and manage your NFT projects from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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HD Output

Powered by state-of-the-art technology, our NFT generator delivers high-resolution, detailed, and realistic NFT artworks.

How to Make NFT Art in Fotor

Click "Make NFT Now" button to upload your images.
Choose your favorite effect style inside the toolbar on the left and leave the rest to the AI! Various styles are offered, such as pop art, sketch, ink art, watercolor and so forth.
If you want to try more styles, you can find our "AI Cartoonizer" at the bottom of the Featured Effects section. Click on "Try Now" to jump to our AI Image Generator to create NFTs using text-to-image or image-to-image modes.
Once you're satisfied, click Dowload to get your own stunning NFT artworks in high quality.

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