20 Witch Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2024

Summary: This blog provides you with 20 witch makeup ideas for Halloween. Picture guides on different types of witch face makeup will easily help you stand out in Halloween photos. Plus, a witch makeup tool effortlessly elevates your makeup in a snap.

Three pretty girls in witch makeup and witch hat

If you ask me what to make up for the Halloween season, I will answer the witch makeup for sure. Every year on Halloween, there are massive witches strolling around the street to trick or treat. If you are still looking for witch makeup ideas for this year's Halloween, I will tell you now!

I will introduce 20 witch makeup ideas to inspire you to a better witch face makeup. I have prepared different types of witch makeup, scary, cute, forest, fun, pretty, and so on. You can easily imitate the picture examples to make up for yourself. By the way, you can read all the witch makeup ideas and then DIY witch makeup in your way. let’s explore!

Witch Goth Makeup

Witch goth makeup continues the goth spirit. Goths believe they can find beauty in dark and black. So, you can see everything about goth is black. If you have never tried witch goth makeup, maybe this time you can be a goth.

Women in goth witch makeup and witch hats

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Scary Witch Makeup

Scary witch makeup needs you to be more creative and skillful in makeup. You can see there are lots of lines on the face with yellow eyes. This witch's makeup eyes are really spooky.

Women in scary witch makeup and witch hats

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Green Witch Makeup

Green witch makeup maybe the challenge one witch face makeup. You need to paint your face into green color with professional makeup materials. If you have more witch makeup ideas, maybe you can DIY witch makeup by yourself.

Green skin witch makeup

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Cute Witch Makeup

Try to go with your friends dressing beautiful dress with this cute witch makeup. Sometimes it doesn’t need horrible witch makeup for Halloween. I prefer cute witch makeup to deck myself up into beautiful witch makeup and then share selfies on social media.

Two women in witch makeup, one holding a broom, the other a mask

Witch Makeup Ideas for Kids

Kids are more interested in witch makeup they favorite. They like to make the same witch makeup with their partners. Unlike witch makeup ideas for adults, kids are native and active, they prefer to dress and make-up like a cartoon character. Let them make up what they like.

Four children dressed in witch makeup and colorful clothes

Little Girl Witch Makeup Ideas

Simple and easy witch makeup ideas I will recommend to little girls. They just need a Halloween topical dress and a witch hat. The witch makeup can be a little simple. Too much makeup will burden children's skin and make them feel uncomfortable.

Two little girls in witch hats

Simple Witch Makeup

If you are looking for simple witch makeup, this one is better. You don’t need to spend too much time sitting on the dressing table. You just need to deepen your eye shadow, put on some blush and lipstick, and wear a witch hat.

The woman wore simple witch makeup and a witch hat

Evil Witch Makeup

Dark black color always the major elements for evil witch makeup. with the eyes and mouth covered by evil black, the person keeps people away. After adding some symbols to the face, it will appear more vicious and scarier.

The girl had wicked witch makeup and a moon on her forehead

Voodoo Witch Makeup Ideas

This picture comes from model AidenVR. Her voodoo witch makeup vividly displays voodoo's spirit. Large areas of the upper half of the face are blackened with white highlights. You can imitate this makeup to shine out at Halloween.

Girl in voodoo dress up

Forest Witch Makeup

Try on this forest witch makeup with dark smoke eyes and heavy-lined dark lip. And you can combine your face makeup with your witch costume, which will make you stand out easily.

forest witch makeup woman

Easy Witch Makeup Ideas

If you are not good at makeup, here is easy witch makeup idea. You just need basic makeup and then deepen your eye shadow. And use your eyeliner pencil to draw some symbols on your face.

The woman wears witch makeup and carries a kerosene lamp

Pretty Witch Makeup Ideas

This is like a good witch makeup on somehow. There are plenty of decorations on her face you can see. The green scaly spots may need you to prepare a green eye shadow palette. It is not hard for this pretty witch makeup, just imitate and prepare some jewelry and decorative items.

The woman with orange hair looks into the distance in a witch's makeup

Wicked Witch Makeup Ideas

This is a totally bad witch, I promise. There are many scriptural symbols on her face, some like markers, some like stars and moons. And the witch makeup for eyes is quite important. Deep eye shadow with red eyes makes the witch even more wicked.

wicked witch makeup woman

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Spider Witch Makeup Ideas

There is a spider web on the face. it seems like you are a spider witch who can easily control all the poisonous spiders at any time. If you want to be more advanced, make some fake tiny spider sticking on the face.

Women in spider witch makeup and witch hats

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Old Witch Makeup

Some people may want to wear old witch makeup for fun. But common makeup makes it hard to create natural wrinkles. Maybe this witch face makeup needs you to find a professional makeup artist.

The old man wore witch makeup and a witch hat

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Moon Witch Makeup

The moon witch makeup is also good witch makeup. You can see the moon and some shiny stickers of stars on her face. Don’t worry. This is easy to make up for beginners to start.

A woman with orange hair wearing moon witch makeup

Glamorous Witch Makeup

You can see there is fluorescent color used in this glamorous witch makeup like a moon. The double color with dark and fluorescent makes witchy makeup looks unique.

Witch makeup girl hands on fire

Cool Witch Makeup Ideas

Share with your friends to join in this cool witch makeup. Unlike the traditional witch makeup with so many symbols on the face. This witch face makeup seems more modern in a simple way.

Three women in cool witch makeup

Fun Witch Makeup Ideas

This fun witch makeup is something different from common witch makeup. This is more likely a DIY witch makeup depending on their witch costume. But it is still adorable to use makeup and color to match your clothes.

Red witch makeup for one girl, purple witch makeup for the other girl

Sexy Witch Makeup Ideas

This witch makeup look is easy for you to handle. You need a red lipstick, eye shadow palette and eyebrow pencil. Of course, red contact lenses are the key in this sexy witch makeup idea.

sexy witch makeup woman

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