30+ Super Scary Halloween Costume Ideas for 2024

Summary: This blog covers 30+ 2024 super scary Halloween costume ideas for women, men, and couples. Try these ideas to make a splash this Halloween season!

30+ super scary Halloween costume ideas

When we talk about Halloween costumes, some people try to have a sweet couple costume with their partners, while others may choose a single sexy or cute Halloween costume. But actually, scary costumes can help you stand out on Halloween night.

For scary Halloween costumes, you can draw inspiration from horror movies, or try on traditional zombie or clown costumes. Open your eyes and pay attention: below are 30+ super scary Halloween costume ideas to inspire and terrify you.

Whether a single female and male scary Halloween costume or couples costumes, you can get everything you want here.

Scary Female Halloween Costumes You Should Try

1. M3 Gan

a girl in M3 Gan costume

This new horror movie character was first taken up in 2022. But believe that, you will see her everywhere this Halloween.

2. Samara (The Ring)

a woman in Samara from The Ring costume

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Dress up as Samara to terrify the one who answers the doorbell. Super long hair, a dirty nightgown, and a spooky voice make it a classic character.

3. Broken Porcelain Doll

a girl in broken porcelain doll costume

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Which horror movie doesn’t have a broken porcelain doll? Empty eyes and a broken face make this Halloween costume particularly terrifying.

4. Zombie Prom Queen

a girl in zombie prom queen costume

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Don’t forget the traditional scary Halloween costume: Zombie Prom Queen. A black gauze skirt, along with a ferocious facial expression, is the pith of this costume.

5. Nina Sayers from Black Swan

a woman in Nina Sayers from Black Swan costume

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This elegant Halloween costume highlights its scary part on the eyeshadow.

6. The Carrie Costume from Carrie

a woman in carrie costume

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The essential part of this scary Halloween costume is the blood on Carrie’s skirt. Use red paint to replace the pig’s blood.

7. Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland

a woman in queen of hearts costume

To duplicate this classic antagonist, you can take red contact lenses and put on a gothic dress.

8. The Little Red Riding Hood

a woman in the little red riding hood costume

With creepy makeup, this cute character can transform into an evil look.

9. Maleficent

a woman in maleficent costume

A witch is the classic part of scary Halloween costumes. Skinny face and sharp horns on the head make this Disney character creepy.

10. Annabell

Remember that thrilling feeling you got when watched the film, Annabell? Why not dress up as Annabell this Halloween to create a scary vibe?

11. Medusa

Have you ever been frightened by the snake coiled above Medusa's head? Try this scary Halloween costume to make a panic among the crowds.

12. Scary Nun Costume

The new movie coming out this year is the sequel to the horror movie The Nun. You can wear a horrible mask and a comfortable robe to reoccur this scary character.

13. Morticia Addams from The Addams Family

A witch is an easy costume. Why not dress up as Morticia and enchant your guests at Halloween parties?

Scary Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

a man in billy the puppet costume

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a man in joker costume

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a man in pennywise costume

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14. Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal)

Have you ever had nightmares after watching Twisted Metal? Sweet Tooth is too scary, right? Try to pair this scary Halloween costume and put the chainsaw on the other’s neck. You’re sure to be the creepiest character this Halloween.

15. The Grabber (The Black Phone)

Dress up as The Grabber in The Black Phone to rekindle the fears of this scary character among your friends.

16. Ghostface from Scream

This scary Halloween costume is easy to dress up. It just needs a black cape and a white mask. Reoccur this creepy character with classic black-and-white Halloween designs.

17. Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street has been an unfailingly classic character for a decade. This scary Halloween costume will certainly help you draw much attention.

18. Billy the Puppet from Saw

Try Billy the Puppet costume from the film Saw. This iconic figure will help you win much laughter this Halloween.

19. Pennywise from IT

Give yourself the same red-and-white makeup as Pennywise to scare everyone you meet on Halloween evening.

20. The Joker from The Dark Knight

A Halloween night without a joker is not perfect. Try this scary Halloween costume idea to make a stir this Halloween.

21. The Candyman Halloween Costume

After watching the horror movie Candyman, no one will dare to say his name five times in a mirror. But you can dress up as Candyman. A fur-trimmed coat can make this scary Halloween costume.

22. Wicked Ringmaster Halloween Costume

This scary Halloween costume is made up of a mask, jacket, vest, tie, and top hat. Remember, powerful showmanship is the key to this costume.

23. Killer Clown

Create a creepy vibe this Halloween by dressing up as Killer Clown. This horror Halloween costume is sure to trigger squeals in the street.

24. Plague Doctor Halloween Costume

The 17th-century Plague Doctor is definitely the stuff of nightmares. This horror Halloween costume is easy to dress up. A spooky mask, a black top hat, and a black robe are the things you need.

25. Slender Halloween Costume

Don’t you think a faceless look is scary? Take the slender Halloween costume to terrify your friends. You just need a black suit and a white hood.

26. Michael Myers from Halloween

Scare everyone as the mass murderer Michael Myers from Halloween. Don’t forget a full, over-head mask, it’s the pith of this horror movie costume.

Scary Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

two girls dress up in twins from the shining costume
a couple in vampire costume
a couple in zombie costume
a couple in werewolf costume

27. Twins from The Shining

Try to persuade your beau to cosplay one of the twins from The Shining, it’s pretty interesting, right? Dressing up in the same blue skirt can test your rapport.

28. Us Halloween Costume

A red one-piece overall, a fingerless glove, and a foam scissor make this horror movie costume. You can take this scary Halloween costume together with your beau.

29. Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice

Looking for a perfect scary couple Halloween costume? It must be Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz.

30. The Monster and Bride from Frankenstein

If you are looking for a classic scary couple Halloween costume, you cannot miss the Frankenstein couple.

31. Vampire Bloody Costumes

Dress up as vampires with your beau. The spooky makeup and sharp teeth are the killing part of this scary Halloween costume.

32. Scary Skeleton Halloween Costume

When it comes to Halloween, it’s easy to think of skeletons. Why not blend this typical Halloween element into your scary Halloween costume ideas? Take your beau to complete this couple costume.

33. Werewolf Couple Halloween Costume

Dress up as a fierce animal: a wolf, is a great scary couple Halloween costume idea. You can imitate the cry of wolves to stir up a creepy vibe.

34. Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

If you have trouble coming up with a scary couple Halloween costume idea, Jack Skellington and Sally can be a great option.

35. Tiffany Valentine and Chucky

When we talk about Chucky, his bride Tiffany Valentine will certainly come to our mind. Try on this scary couple Halloween costume to be the attention-grabbing couple at Halloween parties.

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This blog talks about 30+ super scary Halloween costume ideas for women, men, and couples. Try to bring the horror movie characters to life by taking the above ideas. Plus, you can use Fotor’s Halloween costume generator to instantly create a scary Halloween costume. Hope you find these contents helpful!