Best Avatar Maker: Apps & Web Sites for Free

Summary: This blog will introduce the best avatar makers like avatar apps and avatar web sites for you. Then you are able to make your own avatar for free. To find anime avatar maker, realistic avatar creator, cartoon avatar maker and more, just follow this blog!

make the avatar from real photos of a women with a adog

If you want to apply stunning and cool pictures that highlight your personality while not risking your privacy rights on social media,to make your own avatar is really a creative way to achieve this end and make yourself distinctive from others.

There are multiple avatar makers that would get you overwhelmed whether there are apps or web sites online.

Then Let’s follow this article to choose the best avatar maker to create your own avatar.

What is Avatar and How does Avatar Maker Work

Avatar is by no means a normal picture in your daily life or the one that you could easily search online. It’s more like turning the aesthetic version of your image into a more cartoonish or drawn one. Then you could use it as your profile picture showing your personality while not exposing your real face online to protect your privacy.

To create an avatar that suits your taste, avatar creator would help you conduct the turning process automatically and change the image into the art styles of the kind that you like from futuristic art style to the 3D style in cartoon. Powered with AI effects, your avatar would become more stunning. Then you could use editing apps to give it an upgrade.

Here are the best avatar makers like apps and web sites for you to pick.

Best Avatar Maker Web Sites Online for Free

Besides the avatar app for you to know how to make a avatar you’re your phone, there are various best avatar maker sites online for you to produce the beloved avatars free of charge.

Let’s see what they are!


As the best avatar creator on phone, Fotor is also available on websites that can offer you a variety of avatar styles and customization options to create an avatar that highlights your personality either in a funny way or cool way.

cartoon avatar maker and make a cartoon boy avatar with Fotor

The styles are ranging from cartoon avatars, anime avatars, avatars from photos, NFT avatars to gaming avatars. Whatever effect you wish to add to your avatar, you are able to find in Fotor within seconds and create your own avatar easily for free. Without knowing any specific designing knowledge or consulting other professional designers, you are able to be more inspirational within free avatars model provided here to unlock your creativity.

Fotor is the cartoon avatar maker, realistic avatar creator, and anime avatar maker to help you make avatar from photo. Fotor provides online maker services for free. Barely go to the website of Fotor’s “Free Online Avatar Maker”, you are able to gain advanced effects for your avatar making process.

After finishing your avatar maker , you are able to give your avatar an upgrade by using Fotor's editing tools to edit your avatar like changing the background of the avatars, sharpening the avatar, cropping the avatar or resize the avatar to suite the size of your profile photo or adding amazing photo effects to the avatar to the avatar and more.


the cartoon avatars of a girl and teo boys and a cat

Cartoonize is amongst the best avatar maker web sites online. It could convert your images to cartoon forms to suit your specific needs. When you are a business man, you are able to resort to this website and put your face on your products, or if your are a tour guide, you are able to put your character around different sceneries.

Most part of the simple avatar producing feature is free of charge, but if you want to convert images in bulk with more special features, extra subscription is needed. But the basic feature for free is already enough for you to make a stunning avatar.


different superhero characters for avatar makers

If you are a big fan of a Marvel and classic characters like superhero, this best avatar maker site is a great choice for you to create a superhero of your own version. In this website, you are able to change the outlook of the flash and create a new superhero. You just need to pick the body parts of the superhero as you like and combine them and add other make-ups or other accessories. Then just click the “Save” button to download your avatar.

There are other classic characters you could make with this site like Vampires, Zombie, Vikings, Manga, Pirates Star Trek avatars.

Then try to make yourself a superhero version and share your creativity with people around the world.


the avatar photos of girls and boys with black and white color

Cartoonify is really a great realistic avatar creator online for you to turn your aesthetic image into cartoon images. There are more than 300 image customizing options including the types, sizes colors and more for you to change. To create avatar from photo, this realistic avatar maker is your good choice!


the anime charaters of boys and girls

If you are fond of Japan’s anime characters and wish to create an anime avatar like Japan’s character in animation form. This is a great character creator online for you.

And the characters here are pre-made, you could think out of box to use the customizable options like beautifying expressions, skin tones, hairstyles and more to make it distinctive and unique.

You have all the freedom to conduct the design process of the avatars as you want.


create avatar with dopple me with a cartoon naked on the right side

DoppelMe is the best avatar maker site for you to make mini dynamic avatars. Here, you could pick the gender of the characters, the skin color, eye shadows and color. Besides, there are quite a lot of interesting facial expressions to show different moods like angry, happy, sad, sleepy, excited and more. This way could show your mood and feeling to friends and fans Then you could choose the clothes of the style that you like. Whatever the social platforms you wish to share the avatar, you are able to deliver with DoppleMe.

Best Avatar Maker Apps available on iPhone & Android

To create avatar as you want any time and anywhere, you could resort to the best avatar app,too . Let’s see what are they both for iOS and Android users.


Fotor is one of the best avatar creators availble both on iOS and Android. You could use its AI Art Photo Effects there to create avatar from your photo.

There are a lot of style options for you to pick. They are like growing sunset, red and blue ink, expressionism, pointillism, blossom season,cartoon, obstractionism, color fantacy and more. This avatar maker app would show up the art atomosphere of your avatars there.

The AI-powered art photo effect could help you turn your realistic photo into whatever form in art as you imagine witin seconds.

create avatar with photo to cartoon app with AI technology of Fotor


the cartoon avatars made by Avatoon

Avatoon is the best avatar app for you to make your own avatar that has been used most recently. And you could apply it to create an avatar to suit your specific usageslike games, comics and more.

Besides, there are diverse attires for you to pick to match the theme of your avatar usage scenes, like cute, pretty , cool, fashion and more. This could help you make your avatar show up the elements of the usage situation while presenting your personality.

YouCam Perfect

the avatar photos of different kinds

As one of the best cartoon avatar maker apps, YouCam Perfect renders you the service of turning your selfie into cartoon avatar with AI style effect that looks pretty cool and eye-catching. This app could help you make a softer and more detailed outlook of your avatar.

Please remember to choose the selfie with clear and simple background so that to make sure you could get the best result.

Besides, it’s more of an avatar maker, the editing tools online there could give your avatar an upgrade.

The only limit of this app is that it’s only available on iOS.


the cartoon avatar of Bitmoji

Bitmoji maker is the best character creator free for character creation with a large sticker library. So you are able to find everything distinctive here to show your personality without loosing the physical attributes.

Available both for iOS and Android users, this best avatar maker app bears styling options of various kinds and versatility. There is also a creative interface for you to apply to see the effects of your avatar and change it as you imagine.

Anime Avatar Maker

the anime avatars of three girls

Seeing the name, you could tell this best avatar maker app could help you convert your face to anime characters for sharing. Besides you are likely to choose the hairstyle, mouth, eyes, ears, clothes, equipment and more that you like most. Then you could make it cute, cool, energetic, scary or any other style you like.

This app is populous for its customizable feature you could apply to suit you needs and add the fine details to your characters to make it more real .

However, you have to install every program that you want to add. This is a little bit time-consuming.

Vlinder Avatar Maker

the catoon avatars of three girls made by Vlinder Avatar Maker

This is the best avatar maker for you to create customizable and distinctive avatars. You are able to choose various of facial features, different types of clothes and other accessories to make your avatar unique. Besides, colors, backgrounds and other detailed parts of designing are flexible for you to change.

It provides you with easy-to-use interface, then you could create your own avatar with ease in a fast way.


A distinctive avatar would make you stand out in social media and draw fan base to improve your celebrity. To achieve this end, there’s no lack of the best avatar maker apps and sites to make it more easier and flexible to create an avatar as you imagine!