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Prefer to share your YouTube video with a QR code instead of a Youtube link? Try Fotor's QR code generator to create, save, print, and share your very own YouTube QR code.

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Easily make youtube qr code in fotor youtube qr code generator

Easy and Fast to Create YouTube QR Code Online

Gone are the days of complex procedures to create YouTube QR codes. With the advent of online QR code generator in Fotor, generating a YouTube QR code is as simple as a few clicks.

It enables you to make QR codes for your YouTube videos in seconds. Just enter the video URL or upload a file, your YouTube QR code will be generated automatically!

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Customize your youtube qr code in fotor youtube qr code generator

Enhanced Customization Options for YouTube QR Code

Want to customize a unique YouTube QR code for your video? Bonus! Our modern QR code generator offers enhanced customization options, allowing you to incorporate branding elements such as logos and colors into your YouTube QR code.

From colors to frames, stickers to shapes, Fotor allows you to create a YouTube QR code that are both functional and visually appealing. Make your YouTube QR code special with Fotor!

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Use a youtube qr code for sharing video

Convert A Video to QR Code for Content Sharing

Imagine attending a business conference, trade show, or networking event where you want to share your latest YouTube video with potential clients or partners. Instead of fumbling with links or asking people to search for your content, you can simply present them with a YouTube QR code.

When scanned, this code directs users straight to your video, providing instant access and significantly increasing the chances of engagement. Use such personalized QR code to boost engagement and drive traffic for your YouTube channel with our YouTube QR code generator.

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Put a youtube qr code on a cup package for marketing

Add Video Content to Print Marketing and Promotion

Print marketing materials, such as product packaging, flyers, and posters, gain a new dimension of interactivity with the integration of YouTube QR codes. You can include a YouTube QR code on your brand’s packaging, allowing customers to scan and instantly access product demonstration videos, tutorials, or promotional content.

It is incredibly convenient for users because you can upload and display videos on a summary page that works for all devices, and the user doesn’t need to search for links to find your videos. Just a quick QR Code scan with their smartphone and voila!

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Put a youtube qr code on the tourism brochure

Youtube QR Code on Travel Brochures Linking to Destination Videos

For the travel and tourism industry, YouTube QR codes offer an innovative way to provide potential travelers with immersive experiences. Travel brochures, shop windows and magazine ads can now be enhanced with YouTube QR codes that link to destination videos.

Tourists can scan these codes to preview the attractions, accommodations, and experiences awaiting them, helping them make informed decisions and creating a stronger emotional connection with their chosen destination. This is such a great way to increase your bookings!

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Create a youtube qr code with fotor qr code generator

How to Create Youtube QR Code Online?

  • Click the "Make YouTube QR Code" button to switch to Fotor's online YouTube QR code generator.
  • Enter all the information needed in the fields that appear. This could be a link, contact information, text or any other type of info.
  • Personalize the QR code for YouTube to match your brand. Change colors, sizes and shapes, add logos, rearrange layouts, and much more to make it unique. Once you’re done, select “Generate.”
  • Save and download your YouTube QR code instantly.
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YouTube QR Code FAQs

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