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Make text QR code for your words, number, discount code, password, instructions with Fotor’s text to QR code generator online free.

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Quickly Turn Your Plain Text to QR Code

Our text QR code generator is super easy to use, offering a quick access to transform text to QR code. All you need is to enter your text to our online QR code generator, and customize the generated QR code, then your text QR code is done! Now create text QR code for business, educational, and personal use now!

Customize the text qr code in fotor

Customize Text QR Code for More Scans

In order to boost scans of your text QR code, our QR code generator offers you a wide variety of customization options to suit your business or personal uses. From the pattern color to the text code styles, our text QR code generator meet all your needs. Surprisingly, you can even upload your brand logo to elevate your brand recognition!

Make a text qr code in fotor online text to qr code generator

How to Use Text to QR Code Generator?

  • Click the “Get Free Text QR Code” button to open Fotor’s online text QR code generator.
  • Then, enter all your text, including words, instructions, discount code, and even emojis, to our text box, and click “Generate” to create text QR code.
  • You can customize your text QR code to suit your needs, including pattern color, background color, text QR code shape, and more options to make your text QR code special.
  • Preview and download your custom text QR code to apply to anywhere you need.