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Free to build your own address QR code for better navigation experience with Fotor online Location QR code generator.

Integrating location and map with trendy QR code to convenient your life!

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Easy & Fast Location QR Code Generator for Any Address

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QR Code Generator for Location

Mark your locations in the most popular way – QR code to improve trip efficiency. With Fotor online Location QR code generator, you can generate customizable location QR codes in minutes for free. Share or print your address QR code to make customers finding the way much easier.

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Google Map QR Code Generator

Fotor online location QR code generator supports to seamline connect QR code with online maps for better navigation experience. Just put the specific address URL of the Google map into Fotor, and you can get a unique QR code for Google map in seconds. You can download QR code and share with others to scan for location on map tool for convenience.

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Customize QR Code for Location With Options

To make locations more recognizable or to distinguish QR codes from multiple different locations, Fotor supports personalization of QR codes. You can create exclusive QR codes to differentiate by changing the background, color, image or even shape of the QR code. Full options also allow you to customize your location QR codes to suit various types of address marking purpose.

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Get Location QR Code for Events

Location QR code can help guess find the exact location of the event. Fotor also provides multiple card or invitation templates for weddings, parties, or big events, you can generate a location QR code and include the QR code into poster or invitation templates. Design and download your invitations with the address QR code in the one-stop station Fotor!

Create Location QR Code
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How to Create Location QR Code?

  • Click the " Create Location QR Code " button to switch to Fotor's online free QR code generator.
  • Copy your address or Google Map location URL to our QR code generator, and start to customize your QR code.
  • You can personalize the QR code to suit your need. Change colors, sizes, and shapes, add logos, rearrange layouts, and much more to make it unique.
  • Preview and download your location QR code to apply anywhere you need.
Create Location QR Code