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Fotor's easy-to-use graph maker helps you create graphs & diagrams for free.

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Various online charts templates from Fotor

Exquisite Graph Templates to Choose From

There are many sets of pre-made chart templates in Fotor's graph generator online for you to make a chart directly. Find a chart template set you want, click on the chart and graphs and enter your data in the pop-up window to match the best chart effect exactly. You can switch between different chart types in the same template set, such as bar, line, and pie charts. Once done, you can export directly to form your data analysis report.

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Add data in clicks in Fotor graph maker

Add Your Data with Chart Maker in Clicks

Based on your data, Fotor's graph creator online works like a math calculator to produce free online data graphs. After selecting the chart type and style you want, click on "Edit Chart Data" at the top of the navigation column. Enter your X-axis and Y-axis related data in the pop-up table, just as you usually do in Excel or Google Sheets. Fotor's graph calculator inside the quick graph maker will convert your data into a diagram automatically.

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Visualize a data and a chart text box

Realize Data Visualizations Through Graphs

A list of data may not be welcomed in a report, so data visualization is one of the most noteworthy aspects of analysis. Fotor's graph maker online has already taken it into account for you. After you import the data, you can get the corresponding chart diagram for free, whether it is a bar, pie, or line chart. It’s easy to achieve the graphing equations when creating a graph because Fotor’s graphing tools are backed by powerful and logical algorithms for diagram transformation.

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Cuatomize a chart in Fotor online graph creator

Customize Graphs and Charts That Look Nice

Good-looking graph and chart styles are now available. Fotor's every chart allows you to present your data while focusing on the aesthetics of your diagrams. You can get a logical set of custom graph experience in Fotor's online chart maker. You have maximum flexibility to customize the graph design from the frame structure style of the charts to the description text. You can change the color of the image, adjust the text font size, add icons for focus, and more. Beautiful graphs are at your fingertips with Fotor.

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Embed online graphs in report

Embed Online Graphs to Any Report

Download the beautiful graphs you have created for free. Fotor's online chart graphics are available for high-resolution download in a variety of formats, covering PNG, JPG, and PDF. You can embed your online graphs into presentations or report files according to your usage intentions, and it is viable to share them directly via email or print them off.

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How to Make a Graph?

  • Click the “Make a Graph Now” button to get started.
  • Find the “Charts” in the left menu bar, and you can see various charts there.
  • Pick up any chart you want and click “Edit Chart Data” to import your data.
  • Enter all your datasets directly or just import your local files. Then Fotor’s online graph maker will automatically process your data into the matching graphs and charts.
  • Customize your free graph online by adjusting the color, text fonts, sizes, and more.
  • Download your graphs and embed them in your presentations or reports.
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