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Present your data with a pie chart to show the difference for each part of the whole.

Fotor's free online pie chart maker helps you create your own pie chart easily.

Make a pie chart with fotors pie chart maker
Make a beautiful pie chart with pie chart templates

Make a Pie Chart Instantly

Create a pie chart online with Fotor's pie chart maker instantly. Get started with our professional pie chart templates without any Photoshop skills. Fotor offers types of pie charts for different situations. To create a pie chart, just browse and choose a pie chart type to fit the specific needs for your projects, and insert your data. With Fotor’s pie chart maker, you can easily create pie charts in a few clicks.

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Convert data to a pie chart with fotors chart tool

Visualize Your Data with Fotor’s Pie Chart Generator

Fotor's online pie chart generator makes it easy to convert your original data into an eye-catching pie chart, and arrange the data slices in a circular graph at the correct scale. You can enter the data directly or upload your excel chart to our pie chart creator and make visualizable data in an intuitive way.

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Customize a circle pie chart with fotor

Customize Circle Charts as You Wish

Get rid of boring data and make your pie chart stand out. Customize your pie chart using the editable elements built into Fotor's circle graph maker. You can easily adjust any aspect of the pie chart to visualize your data, and take your pie graph design to the next level by changing backgrounds, colors, fonts, etc. All of these are great ways to make pie charts stand out and make the data clear at a glance.

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Save a pie chart in high quality pdf format and share it

Share the High-Quality Pie Chart with Your Team

Share the visual data with your team for more efficient communication. With Fotor's pie chart maker, you can easily create a pie graph to showcase your project data and download it as a high-quality image to share with your team or post on social media. JPG, PNG, and PDF file formats are supported.

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Insert a pie chart into a presentation with fotor

Insert Pie Charts in Your Presentations, Reports

With Fotor's pie chart maker, you can easily create a pie chart and insert it into any presentation document or other report. Combine with Fotor's presentation templates to create an impactful report with a pie chart, which will impress your audience and help in data analysis. You can also download the image to share on social media, or embed your circle chart on your website or blog.

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Create pie chartbar graphline graph with fotors chart tool

Not Only a Pie Graph Maker

You can not only make pie charts online, but also bar graphs, and line graphs with the chart designing tool. These all support you to provide greater feedback on data changes.

Make A Pie Chart Now

How to Make a Pie Chart?

  • First, click the button "Make a pie chart now" to go to the online chart maker.
  • Click "Extension"on the left tool menu, and find "Charts". Then, choose a pie chart template that meet your demand.
  • Import your data. You can enter all your data information directly or your can import your files. Then Fotor's pie chart maker will process your data into the matching pie chart.
  • Customize your pie graph by adjusting the chart color, text fonts, sizes, and more.
  • Download your bar graphs and embed them to your presentations or reports.
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