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Creating a seating chart is a good way to ensure your event or party is organized and there are enough seats, especially with Fotor’s seating chart maker. It takes mere minutes to create your own seating chart with Fotor’s seating chart template. No design skills needed.

five seating charts in the color of green, blue, orange and white with flower on it

Get Inspiration from Various Seating Chart Templates

DIY Unique Seating Chart with Ease-to-Use Tool

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Beautify Your Personal Party Seating Chart

Seating charts are a good way to plan where your guests sit and fully utilize the space your party’s in. It can also save on headaches by keeping feuding or argumentative family members or friends from being near each other. It can help your occasion be more organized and be a moment of joy instead of stress.

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How to Make a Seating Chart?

  • Open Fotor and click “Create a Design”.
  • Choose the “Seating Chart” layout.
  • Enter the keywords into the search box and browse various relevant seating chart templates.
  • Find the one you like the most and put it into the canvas to get started.
  • Change some images, text or fonts to meet all your event needs.
  • Export your seating chart design and share it right to social media.
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