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Use Fotor's line graph maker online to translate your data and present trend. With rich templates and design elements, you can easily make a beautiful line graph in minutes!

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Features of the Line Graph Maker

Rich line graph templates

Rich Pre-designed Templates for You

Make line graphs simple with pre-designed templates. Fotor's line chart maker has a large number of line graph templates. Just choose your preferred line chart, upload your relevant data, and customize the parts you don't like. You can quickly complete the design of a line graph.

Customize line graph

Customize Your Line Graphs

Personalize your line chart with our color tools and font tools to better reflect your data changes. Adjust the color of different lines to distinguish different data, and use different fonts for titles and horizontal and vertical coordinates. Also, you can change the background color of the entire graph.

Easily organize your data with fotor line graph

Quickly Organize Your Data

Click "Edit Chart Data" on the toolbar to manually enter your data or copy and paste existing table data directly. Or, import your local data. In short, you can quickly upload your data information to our tool and form a new line graph.

Use line graph in your presentation

Add Your Line Graph to Any Format

With Fotor's online line graph creator, you can easily insert line charts in the process of creating presentations, reports, and infographics. Which makes your report summary more comprehensive and leaves a deep impression on your viewers.

Make pie charts and bar charts with fotor design tool

Not Only a Line Graph Maker

In the Fotor design tool, you can make not only line graphs but also pie charts, and bar charts. All of these help you better feedback on data changes.

Interface of fotor online line graph maker

How to Make a Line Graph?

  • Click the "Create a Line Graph" button on this page to turn to our line graph generator.
  • Find “Extension” on the left tool menu, and select "Charts". Look through all line chart templates, and choose one to get started.
  • Click "Edit Chart Data" to input your data. Customize your line graph by changing chart color and text and adjusting line dash and thinkness.
  • After you're complished, click "Download" to save your line chart.
Create a Line Graph

Line Graph Maker FAQs

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