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Want to get rid of the boring report and make the readers think that it’s worth it to spend time reading your report?

With Fotor, you can design a report that not only communicates valuable information but also attracts readers with its brilliant design.

Now, choose an eye-catching report template and finish your design in minutes!

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Customize Your Report for Any Use

A report is used to present information concisely and directly. It can be a daily report, monthly report, annual report, business report, sales report, and more. No matter what kind of report you want, you can upload your own images, logos, and other elements to personalize your report.

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How to Create a Report on Fotor?

  • Open Fotor and choose the “Report” layout.
  • Browse the library of report templates and choose your favorite report templates.
  • Drag your images into the design and add your report content.
  • Customize your report with fonts, photo effects, stickers, backgrounds, and so much more.
  • Review and save your work. Or you can share it right to social media.
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Report Design FAQs

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