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Quote Backgrounds & Wallpaper

Take a look around you, do you feel motivated yet?

If you haven’t surrounded yourself with inspirational backgrounds and posts, then it’s about time you did so!

Below contains some of my favorite, life-changing, and inspirational backgrounds from Fotor that can help everyone achieve their goals.

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Start Making Perfect Wallpapers with Quote Desktop Wallpaper Templates

Pink Sunset Quote
Gray Life Quote Wallpaper
Green Life Quote Wallpaper
Pink Blue Paper Quote Wallpaper
Be Brave Quote Wallpaper
Red Life Blossom Quote

Best Reasons to Use Fotor’s Wallpaper Maker

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Customize Truly Unique and Preferred Wallpapers

It’s easy to download free desktop wallpapers from the internet, but it means your computer wallpapers will be like many others’, nothing special! Avoid using these common wallpapers! Make computer backgrounds with Fotor’s wallpaper maker to show off your own style. Plus, you can let your creative juices flow to add or adjust fonts, images, and colors that suit your style. Fotor’s professional functions will help you create amazing visual wallpapers.

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Not Just the Best Desktop Wallpaper Design

The Fotor platform also has many other functions, such as photo effects, stickers, and text, allowing your ideas to make it to the canvas. Apart from that, collages and graphic designs are also possible at Fotor. Experiment and try them out to achieve image perfection as your desktop wallpaper! You can even use Fotor’s editing feature to turn colorful desktop wallpapers into different versions with photo effects, which highlights the enigma and your rarity. Try Fotor’s wallpaper creator now!

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How to Create an Awesome Desktop Wallpaper?

  • Open Fotor and click "Create a Design" feature, choosing a "Wallpaper" layout.
  • Search for what suits your needs with the search box and choose one from the results.
  • Drag and drop your preferred photos in or just use a ready-made template.
  • Adjust fonts and colors, or add text, stickers, or anything else with our selection of hundreds of small tools.
  • Modify and design, remember to manage your overlays to maximize your wallpaper's visual impact.
  • Preview and save your wallpaper, choosing the format and size you wish.
  • Download and set your personalized wallpaper as your desktop background.
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Desktop Wallpaper Design FAQs

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What Our Users Say about Fotor is always my go-to software for designing needs! The templates are all catered to the type of design you are trying to create and the inspiration is endless. It is also incredibly user-friendly!

Amy Desrosiers


Fotor has been very useful in both my personal and professional life. It's one of my most used creative tools on my pc.

Ellen DuBois


I really love Fotor. It has made the design very accessible for me and has allowed me to improve. It also gave me the motivation I need to learn more about design and improve my skills.

Shurland James

Small Business

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