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Using Fotor free online book cover maker, you can design your romance novel covers yourself in a few clicks.

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Book Cover Maker for Any Types

Fotor's book cover maker is suitable for any type of book cover design. The main types are children's book cover, romantic novel cover, and love book cover. And the cover design of these books is suitable for paper books and e-books. In addition, according to the type of book, you can also use Fotor's tools to design the cover by yourself.

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Massive Premade Romance Book Cover Templates

Fotor is the best romance novel cover generator, covering a large number of romantic novel cover templates, which are designed by Fotor's professional romance book cover designers. Funny romance novel covers, Fabio romance novel covers, vintage romance novel covers, contemporary romance book covers, interracial romance novel covers, women's romance novel covers, male model romance novel covers, and so on. Almost all types of romance novel book covers can be found in the Fotor romance book cover templates.

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How to create a romance novel cover

How to Create Romance Novel Covers?

  • Open Fotor, click the “Create a Design” button on the homepage and choose the “Book Cover” template layout.
  • Click on the secondary category "Romance" to enter the romance novel book covers page.
  • Click the "Create a Romance Novel Cover" button directly to enter the editing page, or browse the templates below, and select a favorite template to enter the editing page.
  • After the design, click the "Download" button in the upper right corner. Then give the file a name and select the file format.
Create a Romance Novel Cover Now

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