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With Fotor's children's book cover templates and book cover maker, design your pretty children's book covers yourself. It can be done by simply dragging and dropping, no professional designers are needed anymore. Try it now!

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Make Your Own Children's Book Cover with Fotor

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All Types of Children's Book Covers

Using Fotor to create a children's book cover online. Fotor's book cover maker offers all types of children's book covers to create including baby book covers, book covers for kids, and book covers for teenagers.

Whether it is the children's book front cover or children's book back cover, you can use Fotor to complete. Besides, storybook cover, fairytale book cover, and monster book cover are very popular in our children's book cover templates.

Create a Children's Book Cover Now
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All-in-one Book Covers for Kids

Fotor's kid's book covers maker is the best free graphic design software. It has many editing tools, including elements, text, pictures, and background. Choose a template that has been designed by Fotor's professional designers or design your book cover from scratch with Fotor, meet all your book cover design needs.

Create a Children's Book Cover Now
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How to Make a Children's Book Cover?

  • Click the "Create a Children's book cover" button on this page to get started.
  • Add "children" or "kid" keywords in the search box, browse through the templates, click the template you want to edit.
  • Click the text, picture, and background of the book cover in the editing area on the right to replace it. Add the element to the cover.
  • After editing the Children's book cover, click the "Download" button to save.
Create a Children's Book Cover Now

Children's Book Cover Design FAQs

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