10 Vlog Ideas for Beginners to Make Your Vlog Pop

Summary: This is a post that shares 10 must-try vlogging ideas for beginners to boost views and attract more subscriptions on YouTube or TikTok.

As one of the viral video types, vlogs are winning over its popularity, allowing vloggers to share short yet captivating snippets of their lives and experiences. Compared to other video forms, vlogging is a more personal way to connect and engage with the audience.

If you happen to be seeking your first vlogging ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’re going to share 10 vlog ideas for beginners to captivate viewers and win over subscriptions.

Let’s dive into the world of vlogging and unlock your potential!

10 Must-Try Vlog Ideas for Beginners

Travel Vlog

Share your travel to somewhere that makes you chill and relax. Plan your first travel vlog carefully, as you need to create a vibe that your audience is sharing this travel with you through your camera.

Start with your destination guides, including how you plan for the transportation, the must-see attractions, and practical tips. Or vlog your packaging or preparation to provide some valuable suggestions for your audience to learn from.

Then, share your travel experiences and dairies. Don’t forget to shoot your unforgettable memories or challenges that make you impressive. It can be a culture-related thing, or the local you meet.

Finally, providing honest reviews of the travel gear, gadgets, and accessories you use can be invaluable for fellow travelers.

a group people having fun in the mountains

Reaction Vlog

React to the social phenomenon, music, TV series, movies, concerts, and more. It is a way to echo with an audience who shares or holds a similar attitude with you. If you're new to creating reaction vlogs, you must find a topic that you can offer a unique or insightful perspective on.

When vlogging your reaction, make sure you are authentic and natural. And you should take control of your flow to create highlights that echo with your audience.

man with a shocked expression

Study Vlog

Making a study vlog is a way for vloggers to record, document, and share your academic journey or process with your audience. It can be a video that you are studying, taking notes, and preparing for tests or exams.

For beginners, you should make sure there is something that can resonate with others, otherwise, it could be boring. So, you can present how easy or challenging it is. The most important thing is to target a group of people who are experiencing the same study situation as you.

a person writing scripts with a pen

Fitness Vlog

Fitness is a topic that wins over likes in vlogging. A lot of people expect to learn from these vlogs, especially when the fitness guides are easy to follow. For beginners, you can start focusing on building healthy habits and offering nutrition tips and motivation to keep you consistent. Or you can make your fitness vlog impressive: how to lose weight successfully. You can record your tough process to start fitness and get a healthy habit and body.

a group of women doing yoga

Daily life Vlog

A daily life vlog can be a fun and rewarding way to share your experiences with others. As a beginner, the key is to keep it simple and focus on capturing the ordinary moments of your day. Whether you are watching a movie, hanging out, or riding a bike, you can just record and make a vlog. In your vlog, you should speak clearly and be natural on camera when you are giving a first try.

a person walking a golden retriever

Work Vlog

Work is a part that takes a lot of time in everyone’s life. Thus, it’s a great topic to start your first vlogging, sharing your work with people who are in the same industry as you or who are interested in your job. You can make a vlog about teachers, doctors, volunteers, marketing managers, etc. Just make sure your vlog content is authentic and inviting.

group of people having a meeting in the office

Game Vlog

If you are a fan of a game, whatever it is, there must be a group of people playing it. That means you can start with your passion to play the game or do the reaction video vlog to build a connection to the game players. As you record your gameplay, narrate your thoughts and reactions, sharing insights and tips that can help other players. Don't be afraid to show your personality, as your unique perspective is what will make your vlog stand out.

a man using computer playing game

Concert Vlog

Concert vlog tends to get more and more popular, as people like to spend more time chilling at concerts or music festivals. Beginners can shoot a vlog about recording their moments at their favorite singer’s concert. From your dressing to the concert selfie, everything you think that can make your video pop is ok.

people enjoying concert

Shopping Vlog

For vlogging beginners, shopping can be a great vlog topic. You don’t have to buy a lot of things to catch the eyeballs. Make sure your shopping experience is interesting and can reach your target audience. When filming your shopping trips, narrate your thought process as you browse and make purchasing decisions. Be sure to capture high-quality footage of the items you're considering and the final purchases you make.

a woman carrying a grocery basket and picking up stuff

Challenge Vlog

There will be lots of challenges on social media platforms, which offer opportunities for start-up vloggers to catch the trend and win over likes. All you need is to learn from the first-released challenge vlog and intricate with your styles.

red suv on water near the mountain

How to Edit Your Vlog to Stand Out

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This blog covers 10 vlog ideas for beginners that will inspire you on your vlogging journey. From showcasing your daily life to sharing your passions and expertise, we’ve got you covered. Get creative and let your unique personality shine through. Give these ideas a try, and experiment to make an inviting vlog for a group of viewers. Hope you find this blog helpful!