6 Best Tattoo Design Apps to Create Tattoo Designs (2024)

Summary: This is a post that shares 6 best tattoo creator app for you before getting committed. With these tattoo generator apps, you can absolutely get a unique and perfect tattoo design you like.

6 tattoo design apps

Are you seeking for unique tattoo designs all around? Or find it expensive to pay for a professional tattoo designer?

No worries! We are here to help your make your own tattoo designs easily and effortlessly.

Tattoos are the art forms of your own uonique style and personality. To make your tattoos perfectly express yourself, you should get a tattoo maker app before you commit.

In this blog, we will share a list of 6 best tattoo design apps to bring your artistic vision to life. These tattoo creator apps have revolutionized the way you approach getting inked. You can now create, customize, and even make your own tattoo designs with ease.

Let’s get started!

6 Best Tattoo Design Apps You Should Try

Fotor: Best Tattoo Generator App

Platform: iOS and Android

Fotor tattoo generator

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology.

Free to turn your tattoo design ideas into reality instantly.

Get easy access to unique tattoo designs!

Create Tattoo Design with AI

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Fotor’s tattoo creator app can easily and quickly output the “ONE-OF-A-KIND” free tattoo design based on your own tattoo design ideas.

Whether you are the starter who wants to get inked with unique tattoo or the professional tattoo designers, Fotor’s tattoo design app will save you lots of time and money to turn your tattoo drawing ideas into reality.

Instead of providing the common tattoos, Fotor offers you the tattoo customizer to make your own tattoo designs.

You can get ink or colored tattoo designs with AI by entering your descriptions in the tattoo maker app of Fotor. After a few seconds, Fotor’s tattoo visualizer will automatically output the tattoo designs or drawings as exactly as you expect.

Here’s how to use Fotor’s tattoo design app:

1. Download and log into Fotor app.

2. Scroll down the screen to find “Create with AI” part, and slide the screen from right to left to get “AI Generate” section.

3. Now, click “Start making” to get ready for your own tattoo design in Fotor’s tattoo design creator app.

4. Enter your text for the tattoo design, and choose the “Default” style. And you can add details and adjust generated number of tattoo designs.

5. Wait for a few seconds, and you can see the tattoo designs on the screen.

6. Preview and download the tattoo design you like.

InkHunter: Try Tattoo Designs

Platform: iOS and Android

inkhunter app interface

InkHunter is a perfect tattoo try on app, which offers lots of well-crafted tattoo designs for you to virtual try on. Most of the free tattoos available are ink tattoo with sketches and lines.

All the tattoo designs of InkHunter cover a wide range, from the plants to illustrations. And you can enjoy free tattoos of different sizes.

Plus, most amazing part of this tattoo design app is that you can try on all the preset tattoo drawings you like from different angles. And you can even edit it for the wanted final tattoo try-on effect.

Tattoodo: Your Next Tattoo

Platform: iOS and Android

tattoodo app interface

Tattoodo app is a platform you can get tattoo design inspirations and communicate with the best tattoo artist to get tattoos that match your style.

It is the app that helps you find the tattoo designs that suit you best and perfectly express your attitude and personality.

You can have a special the inspiration part to search for the amazing tattoo examples, from the inked tattoo or the text tattoo. With thousands of tattoo designs in the library, you can get inspired!

More than that, there will be the tattoo artists and studios available to show their tattoo artwork. If you are satisfied with their tattoo designs, you can contact with the tattooer for suggestion or details of their tattoo work.

Tattoo Font Designer

Platform: Android

tattoo font designer app interface

For those who wants to get inked with quotes, names, or the letters that means a lot, you should find the best tattoo fonts for your own tattoo design in the Tattoo Font Designer App.

Since there are thousands of fonts that you can use to get tattooed, but you should figure out what suits you best. Tattoo Font Designer app offers you the professional tattoo font design tool, and you can choose from its font library.

Moreover, you can enjoy a gallery of tattoo pictures to get unique tattoo design combined with picture and text. Anyway, Tattoo Font Designer app is a perfect tattoo design app for you to make your own tattoo text design!

Tattoo Designs

tattoo designs app interface

Platform: Android

Tattoo Designs app offers you more than 5000 tattoo designs to get you inspired, and you can enjoy a wide range of tattoo designs to choose from, including Viking tattoo, flower, Raven tattoo, clock, star, sword, and much more.

You can find your wanted ink or colored tattoo design by browsing via the categories available in the tattoo drawing library.

After getting a tattoo design you like, you can download or share it online. Most amazingly, you can view the detailed information of the tattoo design, including the contact information and location of the tattooer and tattoo studio.

Tattoo My Photo 2.0

tattoo my photo app interface

Platform: Android

If you want to try on tattoo virtually with your own photos, you can’t miss Tattoo My Photo app. It is a great tattoo design maker and builder for everyone to choose a tattoo as needed from its tattoo picture library.

And you can get inspired by the tattoo ideas in the Tattoo My Photo app to choose what you like. Amazingly, you can upload your own pictures to have tattoo virtual try services.

More than that, you can even edit your tattoo design for perfect final body art, including resizing, erasing, and adjusting tattoos. Before you commit, you should try this tattoo design app.


Tattoos are the body art that go with us for a period of time, thus it’s necessary to choose the tattoo designs reflecting your attitude and personality. Before you commit, you should use a tattoo design app to decide your tattoo style and design, or you can even try on the tattoo designs virtually.

In this blog, we have shared 6 best tattoo design apps for you to make, customize, and even try on tattoo designs virtually. Some of them are custom tattoo visualizer that can turn your tattoo design ideas into reality with AI for the “one-of-a-kind” tattoo design; others are tattoo creator apps that offers thousands of tattoo drawings and examples for you to choose from and try on virtually. Hope you find this blog helpful!