How to Add Photo Widget on iPhone Home Screen

Summary: This is a guide on how to add a photo widget on home screen with iPhone, and you can get the detailed step-by-step tutorials here to customize your iPhone home screen effortlessly.

how to add photo widget on iphone home screen

iPhone allows its users to fully customize home screens with its amazing widget features, which allows you to add wanted elements of applications you often use to home screens, including photos, music, clock, maps, notes, and much more.

Among these, photo widget of iPhone is becoming increasingly popular. Photos are the carriers of our precious memories, and you can pick out your favorite one or the most meaningful one to be presented on home screen via Photos widget on iPhone.

In this blog, we will share how to add photo widget on iPhone with detailed tutorials, and we will also discuss how to change widget photo. Let’s get started!

How to Add a Photo Widget on iPhone

1. Unlock your iPhone, and press and hold any empty area on your screen for a few seconds until you see all the App icons are jiggling.

iphone home screen

2. Here, you will see a “+” icon appear on the top of the screen, then tap it. Now there is a new popup window that all widgets available. Then, you can scroll down the screen or search for the Photos widget.

search photos widegt on iphone

3. Tap it, and you can see that there is a “For You” page. Then you can swipe the screen to choose a wanted widget size.

photo widget detailed page

4. Then, tap “+Add Widget” to add photo widget to home screen.

iphone homescreen with photos widget

5. Also, you can change the photo widget place by pressing and holding the empty space until all the icons start to jiggle. Then, drag and drop the Photos widget to anywhere you want and tap “Done” on top.

adjust photos widget place on iphone home screen

How to Change Widget Photo

iPhone’s Photos widget will automatically set the featured photos as the cover photo. If you find that picture is not your favorite one, you can follow our tutorials to remove and change widget photo.

1. Tap the Photos widget, and you will be led to the detailed photo page.

2. Then, tap the three dots icon on top.

3. Here, you can see a new popup window, and just tap “Remove from Featured Photos” to change your widget photo.

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Widgets offer us easier access to custom and personalized home screen design. You can use the Photos widget to make your iPhone fabulous, and you can recall precious memories via the widget photo. In this blog, we have shared how to add photo widget and change widget photo for you. Now you can get start to make a photo widget! Hope you find this blog helpful!