Google's Gemini Launches a Challenge on AI Image Generation

Summary: Google releases Gemini AI models and proposes challenges on a wide variety of fields and industries. So, what is the future of AI image generation?

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Introducing Gemini

Google, released its so-called “the largest and most capable AI model” on December 6th, 2023, announces that they are crafting a future of innovation and making AI more helpful for everyone.

Gemini 1.0, a new family of highly capable multimodal models, is the advanced efforts and results developed by Google DeepMind. It is empowered to understand and reason seamlessly across image, video, audio, and code.

working tree diagram illustration of Google gemini ai models

Gemini family comes in three different sizes, Gemini Ultra, Pro, and Nano. The topic we’ll discuss today, image generation, is the ongoiong concept from Gemini Ultra AI model, according to Google’s introductions to Gemini.

Google’s Sketch for Image Generation in Gemini

However, what impresses me most is image generations in its introductions.

Different from the traditional or the popular AI image generators, Google says Gemini outputs images "natively" without an intermediary step, which means you don’t have to enter prompts to generate images.

It’s not hard to understand that.

There's no need for you to enter specific prompts to tell AI models of exact images or drawings you want, from the appearance to the style. Gemini generates images when there's a trigger -- you're asking for help with inputs during the conversations.

Gemini generates images to help you solve your real problems in daily life with image response, which allows you to understand or comprehend better with the visual explanation. According to Google, you can input two images to ask Gemini to inspire you and give ideas.

google gemini image generation process

However, Google says none of the Gemini 1.0 models will initially be able to generate images, and it’s going to be added in the future. Google does not provide a timeline as to when image generation might arrive, only to make an assurance that the work is ongoing. Let’s wait and see how Gemini Ultra will challenge AI image generation.

Here's a problem: What will the image generation be like? Will Gemini’s image generation feature reverse the development of the mature AI image generators?

Let’s have a comprehensive discussion on their two prominent differences.

Firstly, different working theories. Traditional AI image generator works based on the input prompts and output images in various styles, while Gemini requires no direct generation prompts.

Second but mostly importantly, different purposes. Traditional AI image generator works for art generations. It gives us the chances to create art of different art genres and styles with AI based on our imaginations. But Gemini is designed to inspire ideas in the form of images during conversations.

Gemini’s image generation feature and the traditional image creator serves for different purposes. Gemini generate images to solve personalproblems in real life, while AI image generator tool is to help create art.

Hence, in the near future, image generators may update based on these two purposes to provide users with the best generation experience.

Generate Images with AI Now

However, all things of Gemini’s image generation are ideal, as now Google offers no access for us to experience. What we can seize is to use the those already existing tools to help change the art world – Generate images with Fotor!

fotor ai image generator homepage

As a mature and popular AI picture generator, Fotor gives the best experience in the process and results of generations. Till now, Fotor has updated many times to offer the best program of image generations, including models, styles, customization options, and much more.

Thus, it allows everyone to create AI art based on inputs via easier and faster access. That means you can generate AI masterpiece based on input prompts or images.

As for the text-to-image mode, there are 2 models – “M1 Basic” & “M2 Stable”, together with more than 20 styles available. With the image-to-image mode, everyone can turn his or her own selfies into more than 20 styles of artwork, holiday themed and trending style included.

Here’s how to generate images with Fotor:

1. Open Fotor’s AI image generator, and pick up the image generation mode.

2. As for the “From text” mode, just enter prompts for wanted image. Then, choose image style you want, and adjust the basic settings of aspect ratios and the number of image generation.

3. When choosing “From image” mode, upload your image and choose a style as needed.

4. Wait for a few seconds, and Fotor will generate what you want exactly.

5. Download and share your AI-generated images!

Final Thoughts

Is it possible that traditional generators will be impacted by Gemini? The answer is absolutely possible, personally, as long as Gemini’s image generation tool works as it sketches in the introductions. However, traditional image generators like Fotor will definitely update their tools to provide better image generation experience, including both for art purpose and personal use in real life to offer amazing image generation experiences!