Free Online Halloween Collage Maker

Share your creative Halloween ideas with Fotor’s free online Halloween collage maker.

With a library of Halloween photo collage templates to choose from, creating your spooky Halloween collages couldn’t be much easier.

Free online halloween collage maker
Use fotor halloween collage maker to make spooky halloween collages in a snap

Make Spooky Halloween Collages in a Snap

Fotor’s Halloween collage maker enables you to make spooky Halloween collages in seconds. Choose a collage layout you like and drag your images into it, and Fotor will automatically adjust your images to fit into the layout. Plus, you can move the sliders of “spacing”, “margins”, and “corner radius” to make the Halloween photo collages look best.

Optionally, you can choose a pre-designed template to make a collage for Halloween. All you need to do is to replace the images. This ensures that Halloween photo collages can be generated in a snap.

Make a Halloween Collage Now
Fotor halloween collage maker provides a wide collection of templates

A Wide Collection of Halloween Collage Templates to Select From

Fotor’s Halloween collage maker provides a variety of pre-made Halloween collage templates. Either a horror ghost and pumpkin Halloween collage, a scary black Halloween collage, a cartoon cute Halloween collage, or a simple funny Halloween collage, all of your Halloween collage ideas can be done with Fotor.

Just choose your target template theme, and put your images into the template. Making a Halloween collage has never been this easy.

Make a Halloween Collage Now
Customize your halloween collages by adding halloween stickers and fonts

Customize Your Halloween Collages With Abundant Editing Options

Fotor’s Halloween collage maker is packed with multiple easy-to-use photo editing tools. You can customize and personalize your Halloween collages with different options. Add Halloween stickers like skeletons, pumpkins, bats, and ghosts to create a terrifying atmosphere for your collage. Or apply Halloween fonts to make your Halloween collage more informational with a clear theme. Plus, you can apply a Halloween background or a Halloween frame to make the collage perfect.

Make a Halloween Collage Now
Use fotor halloween makeup and costume filters to create spooky halloween photos

Use Halloween Filters to Create Spooky Halloween Photos

Take your Halloween photos to the next level with a wide range of Halloween filters. Try the Halloween makeup filter to instantly turn your selfie into a bloodthirsty vampire or a wicked witch. Or experiment with the Halloween costume filters to quickly dress up in Halloween-themed costumes. Don’t wait, use Fotor’s Halloween filters to give your photos a spooky and new look this Halloween season!

Make a Halloween Collage Now
Create halloween collages on mobile with fotor halloween collage app

Create Halloween Collages on Mobile With Fotor's Halloween Collage App

Fotor’s Halloween collage maker is available on the web, mobile devices, and desktop. We Fotor make it easy and convenient to create Halloween collages anywhere at any time you want. Moreover, Fotor's Halloween collage app provides you the option to make Halloween collage wallpaper efficiently on mobile. Download Fotor’s Halloween collage app for iOS and Android now for free!

Make a Halloween Collage Now
How to create a halloween collage in fotor

How to Create a Halloween Collage?

  • Tap on the “make a Halloween collage” button below to open the college design page.
  • You can choose a collage layout on the blank canvas. Or choose the “Templates” tool on the left.
  • Enter “Halloween” in the search bar and view all the pre-designed Halloween-themed collage templates.
  • Choose a Halloween template you like. Then edit the template by adding your images. Plus, you can add Halloween stickers and text, apply Halloween font, and change a background to make your Halloween collage unique and eye-catching.
  • Once done, click “download” to save your Halloween collage and you can instantly share it on social media platforms.
Make a Halloween Collage Now