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Get ready to show yourself in virtual bitmoji world with Fotor bitmoji maker.

Share your bitmoji with friends, capture your style and make every conversation funnier with Bitmoji creator today!

Three types of bimojis of pink hair girl strong man and sexy blcak girl
Convert girl selfie into bitmoji

Get Your Bitmoji from Photo in Minutes

Make unique bitmoji for your online presence with Fotor’s bitmoji maker in minutes. Automatically transform your selfie into bitmoji picture of different styles just by uploading photos.

Having fun with creative digital bitmojis and enhance messaging experience by creating stunning bitmoji images. Get start now to make your first bitmoji now with Fotor in a snap!

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Three types of bitmojis

Elevate Your Chat Experience With Anime Bitmoji

Adding a touch of bitmoji to your chat and bring more fun with your friends. Fotor bitmoji creator is perfect for creating the anime bitmoji based on its’s variety of anime models.

Easy to design your anime bitmoji picture with multiple anime styles and customized options. Play with your ideas about bitmoji and bring your conversation to life with Fotor bitmoji maker!

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White shirt girl and boy 3d models

3D Bitmoji for Virtual Role-Playing

Get your first try virtual role-playing by creating captivating 3D bitmoji avatar with our bitmoji maker! Fotor’s 3D avatar creator supports to create 3D anime character that can be used for bitmoji design.

Craft a beautifully detailed 3D bitmoji model to reflect your virtual character and make more creative interaction with online bitmoji creator by Fotor!

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Short hair girl bitmoji with color box

Let Your Creativity Soar With Personalized Bitmoji Picture

Ignite your imagination and bring more inspiration with random bitmoji pictures from Fotor. Transform your photos into personalized bitmoji images and make them as NFT, digital art, avatar, or more purpose.

Fotor offers transparent background bitmoji image options for further graphic design needs. Try to explore more bitmoji inspiration and bring it to life with Fotor bitmoji maker!

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Girl bitmoji on iphone

Get the Best Mobile Experience With Bitmoji App

Experience the ultimate mobile joy and make your own bitmoji on the go with Fotor App. Our bitmoji App makes the creation and use of emojis seamless.

You can share bitmoji picture directly to the chat or social platforms after making them on mobile, bringing a whole new bitmoji experience to your conversations. Download bitmoji App by Fotor now and experience the charm of bitmoji anytime, anywhere!

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Design bitmoji in fotor

How to Make a Bitmoji?

  • Click the “Create A Bitmoji Now” button to get started.
  • Upload your personal image into photo to art generator and choose the prefer style, Fotor will automatically generate numbers of bitmoji pictures based on your photo.
  • You can also generate bitmoji by putting the text description into text bubble of Fotor AI image generator, remember describe as detail as possible, choose the prefer style like 3D, anime….to get the related not existed bitmoji modes.
  • Preview and download the bitmoji picture by clicking “Download” button.
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