Add Hearts to Photos

Make aesthetic heart pfps, heart memes, heart images by adding hearts to photos with Fotor's heart editor. Adjust heart colors, rotation, shadow, and transparency to see the magic!

Add pink and purple hearts to a couple
Add heart stickers to a couple in Fotor

Put Hearts to Photo in Seconds

With Fotor, adding hearts to photos only takes a few seconds. Templates offer you more inspiration. Just upload your picture, choose a heart sticker you like, click on it and adjust its size, color, position, etc. to match your photo perfectly. What’ more, add hearts to photo on iPhone is also available with Fotor heart editor. Just turn inspiration into creation!

Add Hearts to Photo Now
A woman with heart filter

Create Heart Filters with Fotor

A heart filter can add more vibe to your photos. Use Fotor to create a unique heart filter of your own! Just pick a few of your favorite heart stickers to make a heart filter!

A unique heart filter is completed! Also, already-made heart effects are available in Fotor!

Add Hearts to Photo Now
Add colorful hearts to a cat

Add Funny Heart Memes

Make funny heart emoji memes with our prepared hearts stickers and filters. Use them to directly express your emotions at the moment. Bring more loveliness and fun to your photos by making heart emoji memes!

Add Hearts to Photo Now
Customize red heart sticker

Customize Heart Stickers to Fit Your Photos Better

The heart stickers on Fotor are fully adjustable. You can adjust them to match your pictures perfectly. Use the color, copy, rotation, shadow, transparency, and other options above the photo to adjust. Customize the unique heart-shaped images to match your aesthetic!

Add Hearts to Photo Now
Fotors free online heart editor interface

How to Add Hearts to Photo?

  • Adding hearts to photos just takes seconds using Fotor’s heart editor. Firstly, click the button "Add Hearts to Photo Now" to get started.
  • Upload your image to the canvas.
  • Go to "Elements" and choose the "heart" tab. Then, select one heart or more you want from the heart templates, and click it. (You can also adjust transparency, color, and move the stickers to wherever you want).
  • Download or share your great work with your friends or family! Have fun!
Add Hearts to Photo Now