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Create an amazing restaurant menu design online for free. Showcase your food and drink in style with Fotor’s custom menu maker, catch your customers’ attention and boost your sales and personal brand! Try Fotor’s online menu maker now!

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A Large Selection of Stunning Menu Templates

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Get Menu Design Made Easy

It is easy and quick to create your own restaurant menu with Fotor’s free online menu maker. Fotor offers styles of menu layouts and supports customizing your own menus to fit any restaurant and occasion. Our professional design features like resizing, image cutout, aligning, and premium resources like elements, text, photos, and backgrounds can transform your delicious photos and simple introduction into a mouthwatering restaurant menu. Fotor's menu builder is also mobile-friendly, you can easily create a stunning menu with an app anytime and anywhere. Creating a restaurant menu has never been easier!

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Customize Menus to Showcase Your Dishes and Drinks

As the owner of the restaurant, you have complete control over the look of your restaurant menu cards. All menu templates from Fotor are customizable, so you can optimize and customize the look of your menu from every aspect and update it in no time. With Fotor's menu creator, you can create brand logos and beautiful backgrounds for your restaurant menus, highlight your dishes and drinks with our text tool and color tool, and insert delicious food illustrations to whet your customers' appetite. Get creative and make personalized menus that fit your restaurant's style and cuisine with Fotor, and make your restaurant stand out from the crowd.

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Share Your Menu

Sharing your menu on social platforms has a positive effect on increasing your restaurant's reach. When you finish your personalized menu design, just click "Share", and you can link your popular fresh menu to social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with high-quality images. You can even download it in HD and print the menu onto card paper.

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Make Your Customers Hungry with your Mouthwatering Restaurant Menu

Designing a dazzling menu for your restaurant is crucial to impressing your customers and getting them ready to eat, which can further improve your sales and enhance your brand. No matter what kind of restaurant menu you want to design, like for burgers, pizza, or desserts. Whatever it is, you can always find the best one with Fotor’s restaurant menu maker. Now, transform your tasty photos and saucy sentences into a professional restaurant in a few minutes.

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How to create a menu on Fotor?

  • Open the Fotor design feature and choose the “Menu” layout.
  • Browse our collection of menu templates and choose the one you want.
  • Upload your own photos or just drag images from Fotor’s licensed HD stock images into the design and edit the content.
  • Customize your restaurant menu with features, like text combinations, photo effects, stickers, backgrounds, and so much more.
  • Review and save your work, or you can share it directly to social media.
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