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Free Printable Menu Templates

A well-crafted menu not only grabs the attention of your customers quickly but can also show off your restaurant's enticing food and whet their appetites. However, making the menu is not easy. Not only does it require design skills, but the menu also needs to change dishes frequently.

Fotor's menu maker can solve all your difficulties. We have a large number of pre-designed menu design templates by professionals, such as restaurant menu templates, food menu templates, and so on. Don't need to start with a blank canvas. Just choose a free meal plan template from our template center that matches your restaurant's style and customize it with graphic elements in our library.

We have an intuitive operation interface and drag-and-drop design tools, which are simple, convenient, and easy to use. No matter what you do on the template, you can see the effects immediately. There is no need to repeatedly communicate with designers and wait for a long time.

Rich stickers and icons, thousands of high-definition pictures, and various fonts make your menu design attractive and unique. Whether you have a French restaurant, a Chinese restaurant, or an Italian restaurant, using our menu design templates and rich design elements, you can quickly create a stunning menu that suits your restaurant style.

After your menu is completed, you can download and print it out directly as the restaurant menu. At the same time, your menu design will be saved to our cloud space. Next time, if you need to change the content of the menu, you don't want to redesign the whole menu. You can log in to Fotor, find your menu design draft, select it, and edit it again. This saves design time and the trouble of redesigning. In addition, you can also click the "Share" button to share your menu to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., promoting your restaurant.

There is no easier online tool than Fotor's menu maker. Even without any experience, you can get started quickly. Create your own unique menu with Fotor now!