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Customizable & printable drink menu

The drink menu serves as the heart of every restaurant, bar, or café. It keeps customers informed about the various available drinks they can get. It also helps to drive revenue and boost specialty drink sales. The drink menu should be welcoming and attractive as it helps in creating a positive customer expression.

To create an attractive and elegant dink menu design, you need Fotor. Fotor is online software that uses powerful, user-friendly designing functions in creating different types of attractive drink menus for businesses. Besides, we have 100,000+ free templates that are easy to edit online. Our templates are in high resolution with distinct and clear images and designs. Browse them, you can get drink menu ideas.

There is no need to have prior knowledge before using Fotor to design your desired drink menu, as our predesigned drink menu templates are 100% editable by anyone. Thanks to Fotor’s creative and rich elements and tools, editing and adding more values to templates are easy by just dragging and dropping.

When you finish your drink menu design, we also have an uncomplicated download function in JPG, PNG, and PDF format that allows our users to save, download easily, and freely use anywhere.

Various types of drink menus

Fotor is the best drink menu maker with uncountable drink menu templates. The following are some of the types of templates you can get from Fotor:

  • Bar menu

The bar menu features customers’ favorite drinks. Having an attractive bar menu can make you have more customers visiting your bar regularly.

  • Wedding drink menu

The wedding drink menu records the names of all the drinks provided at the wedding banquet so that guests can quickly find their favorite drinks. Besides, it also can help add unique touches to your wedding to amaze your guests.

  • Alcohol menu/Liquor menu

Alcohol menu helps in marketing some particular new drinks and allows you to give customers the percentage they can find in the drink. Having a well-lettered liquor menu available for your bar visitors allows your bar to become well known above its competitors.

  • Beverage menus

The beverage menu does not only help you maximize your sale, but it can also serve as a source of information for customers by summarizing the vitamins and nutrients the particular beverage has in one word.

  • Cocktail menu

The cocktail menu is important as it helps most cocktails lovers make their cocktail decisions. When cocktail lovers see you present a special cocktail menu to make their decision, they trust your business and come back again.

What is a good dink menu design?

A good drink menu design helps a restaurant, bar, or café name be well known, unlike a poorly made and blurry drink menu. A nice and easy creation of a good drink menu with Fotor helps trigger your customers to ask for dozens of drinks. Here are the qualities of a good drink menu:

Readability: A good menu should be readable with nice font color, size, and background.

Allure: The text language to use in your drink menu should attract and entice customers to get all your drinks.

Branding: Always make your business’s logo and color shout your professionalism. Incorporating your brand in your drink menu keeps your professionalism in your customer’s hearts.

Organizing: It’s best to accurately organize your menu based on particular criteria so your customers won’t have to do extra work searching for the type of drink they want.

Variety: Most people love seeing a range of options so they can go for their choice or choose other options if they are unable to get their first choice.

How to make a drink menu?

  1. Log on to Fotor.com and click on the “Create a Design” button on your screen.
  2. Browse our elegant and unique drink menu templates and click on your desired template to freely edit.
  3. Search for a particular photo that suits your drink menu design from our million collections of licensed HD stock images and drag, drop and resize to fit your drink menu design.
  4. Customize the text, background, stickers, effects, elements, and more with our easy-to-use tools available in the upper part of your screen.
  5. Review if there is any error you’d like to correct, save your unique drink menu idea using our provided JPG, PNG, and PDF format, and download it for use anywhere or print on any surface.