How to Add a Speech Bubble to Your Photo?


Looking to add a speech bubble to a photo? Or maybe create a comic of your very own? Speech bubbles are great for not only adding cute or funny dialogue to an image, but they work amazingly for adding useful information on things like flyers and online ads! Fotor makes it easier than ever to add speech bubbles to multiple images online, all without leaving your own browser!

Let’s take a look at not only how to add a speech bubble to a photo, but also how to add fun illustrations and put together your own story using speech bubbles.

Different Types of Speech Bubbles

While the first thing that may come to mind when you think of speech bubbles are comics, there are actually a few different types of speech bubbles, all with there own style and usage. Learning when to add a speech bubble to photo and which ones to choose is a great first step!

1. Cute

Cute speech bubbles are great for social media posts as well as personal edits to share with friends and family! Try and play with hand-drawn looking bubbles to give things a “doodle” feel.

Thick outlines and wobbly lines will give your photos and an extra dose of cuteness that goes with almost every photo. They work especially well with cute animal photos! Try playing with soothing pastels or neutral browns and grays so the bubbles look less stark and more adorable.

Pair them with hand-drawn or cursive style fonts to tie everything together, and you have an instant cute photo!


2. Comic

Comic book style speech bubbles are very versatile! Use the typical orange, yellow and red colors to give something a classic comic book feel, or add your own colors to get just small hints of the comic book style.

Comic style speech bubbles are typically harsher in shape and have a lot of sharp angles, to really help give you a sense of actions and emergency! These work best when adding more than one bubble, or when you want to show someone yelling or speaking loudly.

Pair these types of speech bubbles with bold thick fonts or fonts with a halftone effect in them!

girl kick boxing

3. Promotion

Finally, you can also use speech bubbles to help promote your business and events! For promotional material, you will want to use speech bubbles that are more neutral and clean in shape. Use speech bubbles to draw the viewer’s eyes to some kind of important information like a sale or some kind of special event.

Try and keep the colors natural or simple. White speech bubbles would work best for promotions as they tend to look good universally and pair with everything!

Shades of grays text work best to keep everything feeling professional. When choosing a font, try using typical business fonts, or bold san-serif fonts that you might use outside of the speech bubbles as well.


How to Add a Speech Bubble to Photo?

Now, let’s take a look at how to add a speech bubble to photos without creating a whole comic. This is great for when you are just editing a photo for fun, or want to create a flyer or poster. This always works great for social media posts, both personal and business-related!

1. Upload your Image

First, open Fotor's online photo editor and start things off by uploading your image!

If you are only doing one image you can choose to “Edit Photo”. However, if you want to make a super quick and easy sale flyer like me, then go to “Make Collage” and choose “Artistic Collage.”

I will be choosing the “Wordless Communication” template.

upload image

Import your images by either using the sidebar or the top bar. Once your images are uploaded, drag, and drop them into place, it’s that easy!

You can adjust the placement of the photos, and zoom but double-clicking on the images. You can also flip your photos vertically or horizontally using the upper toolbar.

upload image 2

2. Basic Editing

Next, you will want to do any of your basic editings in the “Basics” tap if you are only editing one photo. This includes the brightness and contrast of the image, or maybe turning the image greyscale.

However, if you are creating a photo collage like me, then you can add quick effects to any images by clicking an image, going to “Effects” in the upper toolbar next to “Rotate” and “Zoom”, and then choosing a photo filter that works best for your design. From here you can also adjust the exposure!

basic editing

Again, if you are using a template like me, go ahead and change some of the text to your own information. We will be adding some comic style letters a little later using stickers, so just change the basic text for now!

add text

3. Choose the Speech Bubble and Add your Text

Finally, go into the “Stickers” tab and search “Speech Bubble.” For this flyer, I want one of the more hand-drawn speech bubble designs as I want things to feel light and cute.

Once you see a speech bubble that you like, drag and drop it onto the canvas.

Move around any of the base text if needed in order to fit the speech bubbles! Use the upper-toolbar to rotate the speech bubble if needed as well.

Place the speech bubble so that it is pointing at a person’s or subject’s mouth, this will give the effect of talking!

add speech bubble

Add your text by going to the “Text” tab and change the font to something hand-drawn. I will be using the font “Amatic”. When choosing a font make sure it fits with your design but is still clear and readable.

Place and type in your captions. Use the anchor points to position the text inside of the speech bubble making sure it is large enough to read.

Finally, change the color of the font using the top toolbar, to the left of the Font Face options.

Remember, if you are using a light speech bubble choose a dark font, but if you are using a dark speech bubble use a light font!

add text in speech bubble

Finish up your design by adding even more speech bubbles and stickers. Find tons of graphics to choose from by searching “Comic” or “speech bubbles” in the Sticker tab, and choosing the ones you like the most!

choose speech bubble sticker
ice cream final look

How to Create a Comic Strip Collage with Speech Bubbles?

Finally, let’s look at how to add a speech bubble to photos when you want to make a whole comic! This a great for when you want to create quick fun comics to share with family friends or even social media followers! Wondering “How do you write a short comic?” Check out the F.A.Q. below for some quick tips!

1. Upload Your Images

First, go to “Make a Collage” and choose “Classic Collage” as we will be turning the classic collage into a comic strip. This will make creating our panels not only easy, but it will allow us to make small adjustments at any time, with n worry of having to start over!

Choose whichever template has enough panel for your comic strip. I will ill be choosing a template with six panels as I find that is the perfect starting point for a short comic.

Upload all of your images you will be using by choosing “Import” found in the right-hand toolbar. All of your images will appear in the right-hand toolbar.

upload your image for comic strip

Next, drag and drop your images into their proper places. Feel free to leave some spaces open for comic illustrations which we will be adding later on using the “Stickers” panel!

add some photo to collage

2. Basic Editing

Now, add some quick photo effects to all of the images by clicking an image, going to “Effects” in the upper toolbar next to “Rotate” and “Zoom” and choosing the filter that works best for your design, as well as adjusting the exposure.

You can also adjust the size of the spurs by clicking on their border and dragon either left or right. Delete a square by clicking on it and pressing delete!

Lastly, you can split a square into two images, bt just dragon and dropping an image next to and already placed image.

Make all of your final adjustments before adding your speech bubbles, so you don’t have to move all of your bubbles and text later on.

basic editing for collage

3. Add Speech Bubbles and Add Your Story

Up next, add your speech bubbles by going into the Stickers“ tab, and searching “speech bubbles.” You will see there are multiple different kinds of speech bubbles, all in different styles.

For this comic, I want a classic comic style speech bubble so I am going to choose the bright bold yellow ones, and change their color to white, with a black border and orange accent!

Place all of your speech bubbles and dialogue boxes. Try and place the bubbles so that they are point towards a subject’s mouth.

You can also play with dialogue boxes that aren’t bubbles, like in the fourth and fifth panels.

choose speech bubble frame

Now, go into the “Text” tab and add all of your comic’s text using a bold sans-serif font! I am using Bebas Neue Regular.

Make sure the text is big enough to read clearly, take a full average of all of the space within the speech bubble!

add text to collage

Time to add all your fun action stickers by searching “comic” in the Stickers tab! Place them in the empty squats, or overlapping your photos for the try comic book effect.

Adding stickers on your picture is an easy and fast way to show action or the passing of time. In some cases maybe even cartoon-like violence!

add comic sticker to collage

4. Add a Background

Finish up your comic strip up by changing the background to a brighter one in the “Background” tab! You can choose a solid color, upload your own, or choose from one of the dozens of pre-made backgrounds available.

I am going to choose a bright origins gradient to match the accent color in my speech bubbles. Make any final adjustments, and with that, you are all done!

adjust background color
comic strip final look

Speech Bubble F.A.Q.

What is the meaning of a speech bubble?

Speech bubbles, text bubbles, or thought bubbles are a graphic convention used in comic books and cartoons to allow words to be understood as the speech or thoughts of a given character in the comic or drawing. They tell you that a sentence is being said out loud by a character and is not just a descriptive line or a line being said by a narrator.

How do I put speech bubbles on photos?

First, upload your photo to Fotor, then do any of your basic editing like adding filters. Next, go into the “Stickers” tab and search “Speech Bubble” or “Comic” to find dozens of different speech bubbles and dialogue boxes! Go into the “Text” tab to add your captions.

How do you write a short comic?

First, create a general outline of your comic, then create your characters. Next, write your dialogue, and then combine the dialogue and the characters together. Try and read your comic out loud to yourself to see if the dialogue makes sense, or even have a friend check it over for you!

Do you use quotation marks in speech bubbles?

No, that is not necessary as the speech bubble already tells us that the sentence is being said. A speech bubble serves the same function as quotations marks do, so there is no need to use both.


And there you have how to add a speech bubble on your photo! Adding a speech bubble is great for showing characters talking to each other in a comic, but don’t think that it’s the only time they are useful! You can use them to add fun or funny dialogue to your Instagram stories and posts, or you can even use them to put together creative advertisements for your shop or business. You can even include them at your party and event flyers as a great way to highlight the important information. Fotor has dozens of different fonts and speech bubbles to choose from, so get creative and use them all!

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