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Design stunning Valentine's Day wallpapers for your computer and phone screens online for free! Choose from a variety of templates and customize them with easy to use online tools. Spread the love this season!

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Valentine's Day iPhone Wallpaper Templates

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Make a Valentine's Day Wallpaper in Minutes

Access Fotor's styles of wallpaper templates to jumpstart your design. With our easy-to-use Valentine's Day wallpaper creator, you can create and customize a beautiful phone wallpaper for Valentine's Day in minutes,and edit your wallpaper according to your aesthetics and personality on the basis of our templates. What's more, Fotor's Resize tool supports you to adjust the wallpaper size. Whether you want to create a cute Valentine's Day background for your mobile phone, desktop, or other devices, you can easily get a perfect size that fits your device!

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Upload a couple photo to make a valentines day phone wallpaper

Make Your Own Valentine's Day Wallpaper with Your Photo

Pick a beautiful photo of your loved one or a sweet couple photo of you two, and make it your own Valentine's Day background! Creating a couple of screensavers with Fotor's wallpaper creator has never been easier, all you need to do is browse and choose from our beautifully designed templates, and replace the background or illustration with your sweet photo, then, you can get a unique wallpaper in minutes. Capture sweet Valentine's Day memories with Fotor's wallpaper maker instantly!

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Customize a valentines day wallpaper for phone

Customize Your Valentine's Day Aesthetic Wallpaper

It's time to update your phone wallpaper. With Fotor's simple Valentine's Day background maker, you can easily incorporate your own photos into the template and add some personalized or cute Valentine's Day clipart. For example, use the sticker tool to add pink hearts, roses, and cupids to your screensaver, or use the text tool to insert some Valentine's Day quotes to express your love. You have complete control over the look of your wallpaper and use Fotor's design tools to customize a unique design. You can even customize exclusive wallpapers for different holidays and events to keep your screen fresh, that's it.

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Pink valentines day wallpapers for desktop and iPhone

Make a Stunning Valentine's Day Background for Mobile & PC

Whether you want to make a high-resolution Valentine's Day background for your iPhone, Android or desktop, Fotor is the ideal option. You can easily resize your wallpaper design to fit any screen size and aspect ratio using Fotor's resizing features. Simply enter the desired height and width based on the dimensions of your device, and Fotor will handle the rest. Making wallpaper has never been simpler! Make unique wallpapers for Valentine's Day with Fotor to give your phone some personality.

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How to Make a Valentine's Day Wallpaper for Phone?

  • Click the button "Create a Wallpaper Now" to get started.
  • Find and click "All Templates" to choose "Phone Wallpaper" layout, and browse “Valentine's day” in the search box, and you can see lots of Valentine's day wallpaper templates there.
  • Choose one template you like to canvas, and you are free to customize it from any aspect. Such as adding Valentine's day quotes, inserting couple portraits or heart stickers... You have complete control over the look of your wallpaper.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your Valentine's day wallpaper design, download it as your preferred image format and set your wallpaper as the background on your iPhone or Android.
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