Online Free Tier List Maker for Every Ranking

Making a tier list has never been so easy with Fotor’s free online tier list maker. Design your personalized tier list with professional templates.

Animal tier list
Different tier list templates

Make a Tier List in Minutes

Whether you want to rank for your games, contests, or anything you want to rank, you can quickly complete your dream tier list with Fotor's online tier list maker.

It’s as easy as choosing a tier list template and putting the tier ranking into it, and you can get a professional tier ranking list in a few minutes.

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Tier list templates with sticker and fonts boxes

More Than Just Tier List Generator

Fotor’s free online tier list maker allows you to make your own tier list with customization. You can add stickers or graphics to your design and bring your tier list to life.

Don’t worry that you can’t find the element you need, Fotor’s online list maker owns thousands of materials to meet all your needs. ranking websites, food, systems, or anything you want with our easy-to-use rank list.

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How to Make a Tier List?

  • Click “Create Tier List Now” button to open the tier list maker page.
  • Choose "Templates" on the left dashboard. Enter the keyword "tier list" in the search box, and you will see styles of tier list templates.
  • Choose one you like to the canvas. Adjust the size, color, caption, and other settings to suit your need, and then put your list into template.
  • Customize your tier list with other editing tools in Fotor. For example, you can try to add stickers you like to pop your design.
  • After you have finished design, click download and save your tier list to computer. You can choose the PNG, JPG or PNF file formats and share with others.
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