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Free Online Checklist Maker

Design a checklist online in minutes using Fotor's checklist maker.

From daily schedules to wedding preparations, easily keep everything under control and organized.

Design a checklist easily with Fotor's free online checklist maker

Customize Checklists to Meet Your Specific Needs With Ease

Fotor's free online checklist maker
Girly cute checklist template on Fotor checklist maker

Give Your Checklist a Personal Touch

A checklist doesn’t have to be a long, boring list. Fotor’s checklist maker offers you a library of customization options to help you spice up your checklist. You can decorate your checklist with cute clip art, emojis or icons, add your own photos, use different colors to highlight important tasks, rearrange layouts, change background color, and a whole lot more to make your checklist more fun. You have complete control over your checklist and can make it look however you want!

Design a Checklist Now
Download your designed checklist in high resolution for print

Download and Share Your Checklist With a Click

Fotor’s checklist maker lets you export your checklist as a high-resolution PNG, JPG, or PDF file, so that you can print it and use it as a physical checklist. You can also share your checklist online with others for use via a link. Additionally, Fotor saves your checklist design in the cloud, so you can access and re-edit it whenever you like. Don't worry about forgetting something again!

Design a Checklist Now
Fotor's free online checklist maker interface

How to Make a Checklist?

  • You can quickly make a checklist using Fotor’s free online checklist maker. Start by browsing through a library of pre-made checklist templates or entering a keyword to find the one that best fits your needs.
  • You can then make changes to the checklist template. Add or remove fields, rearrange layouts, adjust the order of tasks, and more. You can also add clip art and photos, change colors and fonts, swap in new backgrounds, and a lot more to make it more visually engaging.
  • When you are finished creating your checklist, you can download it in high-resolution JPG, PNG, or PDF format.
Design a Checklist Now

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Design a Checklist Now