22 Super Bowl Party Ideas to Spice Up The Big Event 2024

Summary: This article gathers 22 best Super Bowl party ideas to help you host a memorable Super Bowl party. Tasty party food ideas and funny Super Bowl party games are involved.

two men watching super bowl game

Every football fan, attention! The most exciting match, the 2024 Super Bowl is coming! It’s time to plan the party to celebrate the big event for this year. Whether you are organizing a small gathering with family or throwing a big party with a group of football fan friends, funny Super Bowl party games and tasty food can help you spice up the vibe and get everyone involved.

In this blog, we collect 22 best Super Bowl party ideas to get you ready for the big day. From canned drinks, cocktails, dips, and easy finger foods, to football-themed cookies and desserts, I’m sure everyone can eat and drink well to their hearts’ content.

Super Bowl Party Ideas to Excite Football Fans for 2024

1. Cook Tasty Dishes Ahead

When it comes to hosting, it’s important to prepare food ahead of time. You can at first ask your friends what they want to eat, or just cook your signature dishes, or you can get creative with party food ideas online. Generally, you can make chicken chill, beef chill, cheese straws, potato wedges, chicken rolls, or easy-made hamburgers, sandwiches, and salads.


2. Play Super Bowl Party Games Before the Match

Before watching the match, get everyone present involved in funny Super Bowl party games to uplift their moods. You can play Super Bowl bingo or a football-themed cornhole. Let kids play Super Bowl games, too. They can pin the football on the goalpost.

3. Use Party Dips to Make Dishes More Tasty

If you think the dishes taste too bland, you can make them more delicious with party dips. Whether a hot cheesy dip or a cool creamy dip, just choose one you like to delight your taste buds.


4. Yummy Easy Finger Foods for Party

It's so much more fun to munch on than enjoy dishes using a fork and knife, or even a plate. But napkins are still recommended, especially if you have kids. Fried chips, sausage balls, crab-stuffed mushrooms, deviled eggs, etc are great and easy finger food ideas.

chicken nuggets and fry chips

5. Send Super Bowl Party Invitation

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Make Super Bowl Invitation

Rather than simply texting invitation messages, sending Super Bowl party invitations, either via email or face-to-face, is more formal and meaningful.

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make super bowl invitation on fotor

6. Get Cheerful with Alcohol

Make sure you have prepared a wide variety of canned drinks and cocktails ahead of the Super Bowl celebrations. Alcohol can excite the football fans present. When your favorite team scores a goal, you can toast each other with canned beers or cocktails.

canned drinks

7. Build a Food “Stadium” with Snacks

If you're crafty enough, making a stadium that holds things like chips and dips will take the Super Bowl party to the next level. Plus, next year when you gather friends at home, you can still reuse it!


8. Try on Super Bowl Themed T-shirts

It’s time to make funny DIY. You can graffiti on t-shirts. It can either be the name or number of your favorite football stars or team, along with small elements related to football. Just unleash your creativity and see how design possibilities are endless.

yellow football tshirt

9. Organize a Betting Pool

Nothing wrong with a friendly competition, right? The Super Bowl Squares game is pretty simple: just print out a square and invite guests to place their bets.

football betting pool sheet

10. Purchase Football-shaped Serving Platters

Yeah, you could serve the dips and chips in regular bowls, but what fun would that be? You can buy football-shaped serving sets and trays, they are related to the Super Bowl and look cuter.

11. Have Fun with Super Bowl Bingo

Play a game of football-inspired bingo with printable sheets. You can even add booze if you want - every time someone gets a bingo, they have to finish their drink.

super bowl bingo

12. Decorate the Super Bowl Party with Balloons

Decorate the Super Bowl party with festival balloons or a banner or two. Make plain balloons fit the occasion with some fun phrases like "Oh snap". Turn a few of them into footballs with hand-painted white lace.

party balloons

13. Dress Yourself with Football Accessories

At the Super Bowl party, you can dress yourself with accessories like hats, scarves, hairbands, bracelets, etc relevant to the team you support.

football accessories

14. Create a Funny Vibe with Glitter Foam Fingers

Fans can cheer with glitter foam fingers, they are cute and add much more fun to the Super Bowl party. These fingers are gold glitter, but you can customize them in any color you want on game day.

glitter foam fingers

15. Play Around Mini Handmade Football Cornhole

Who doesn't love a little competition? If you don't have a field to play cornhole on, then make it mini and add a football theme. This is an easy DIY game that people of all ages will enjoy.

mini football cornhole

16. Take Pictures with Props

If you want to take pictures of the Super Bowl party and post them on social media, you’re recommended to pre-made or purchase some interesting photoshoot props, like a small football, or cute football stickers. They can make your pictures more funny and get more likes.

17. Get Your Pets Engaged

If you have a family pet and love the football game as you do, then get them involved in the Super Bowl activities. Get them their own jersey, collar, or full costume to show their team pride.

happy pet dog playing on grass

18. DIY Treat Bags

If you invite others to watch the Super Bowl game together, send them home with something meaningful. You can DIY treat bags with football-shaped graphics and fill them with candies. They’ll enjoy the nibble on the way home.

three treat bags

19. Make a Football Field Party Table

You can make a football field table to make your Super Bowl party closer to the theme. It’s easy to create with green felt, white tape, and digital stickers.

football field party table

20. Create Letterboard Menus

There's no doubt that everyone will be huddled together on Super Bowl day to savor your delicious treats. These DIY letterboard signs can remind your guests of what dishes, snacks, and drinks you offer.


21. Make Football-shaped Cookies and Desserts

These chocolate delights will be the winning dessert of the match. They are super easy to make and fit the theme perfectly. You can simply use a plastic bag to hold them.


22. Super Bowl Trophy on the Ready

Making a trophy not only fits the theme of the Super Bowl, but it's perfect for decorating and giving away. No matter what Super Bowl party game you decide to play, announcing the winner with a trophy makes the game that much more exciting.



The Super Bowl season has come again. It’s a fun event where you can cheer, eat, drink, and watch the game whether your favorite team has been out of the race. In this blog, we’ve compiled 22 best Super Bowl party ideas for you to host your guests considerately. You can treat them with delicious dishes, and tasty drinks, or get everyone excited with funny Super Bowl party games. Look no further, read our article and explore these creative ideas for the Super Bowl Party.