Must-known Basic Principles of Book Cover Design

A good book cover can attract your potential readers at first glimpse. Sadly, the truth is that most self-published authors couldn’t find a perfect one covering their genres with a low budget. We have mentioned the how to use Fotor’s templates to design your own book cover step by step, however, some users are still troubled in customizing a book cover, today we’ll introduce some basic principles of book cover design and hope you can get some inspiration, now let’s get started!

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The first one is that a pretty cover doesn’t sell.

Either do one that tries to illustrate the entire contents of the book. Many authors make the mistake of trying to put too much on their covers or making them too elaborate or pretty. The truth is that simple covers do better.


The second rule is to make sure your cover conforms to the genre of your book.

If you wrote a romance novel, your cover should look like a romance novel. If your book is a how-to, it should look like a how-to. Study the different content genres to get a sense of what all those covers have in common. Do the how-to contents use a certain typeface or color? Do Romance novels picture one or two people? Do those zombie thrillers use cool dark colors on the cover? You want your cover to look as though it belongs with the other contents in that genre.


The third important principle is not to go overboard with colors.

Most professional designers use only two colors for a content cover – sometimes three. Even if you are using a full-color image on the cover, don’t add more than one color with the type or graphic elements. Keep the color scheme simple.


The last rule is to think small.

Yes, small. Think of how your content will look in thumbnail size because that is how your potential buyer will see it in the online store. If the content cover looks stellar at 2”x3”, it will look even better at full size.


One thing to keep in mind is that Fotor has incorporated all of these principles in their content cover templates. You can pick any template and be confident that it is designed for maximum impact at any size.


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