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Show off your brand, logo, and business identity with an animated video. Fotor's YouTube Intro Maker makes it easy, fast, and free to create stunning, watermark-free intros that capture attention and elevate your content.

Free Youtube Intro Maker

Intro Maker for Any Topic

Gaming intro maker

Gaming Intro Maker

Dive into our YouTube intro maker, which is designed specifically for gaming channels. With tons of media and vibrant effects, you can create intros that capture the excitement of your gameplay, keeping your audience on the edge of their seats.

Logo intro maker

Logo Intro Maker

Show off your brand with style using our logo intro maker. Easily add your logo to create professional, eye-catching intros that make your brand memorable and instantly recognizable.

Channel intro maker

Channel Intro Maker

Give your YouTube channel a unique identity with our intro maker. Create intros that reflect your channel’s style and personality, helping to build a loyal audience who knows what to expect from your content.

Movie intro maker

Movie Intro Maker

Set the stage for your film-related content with our movie intro maker. Use stock images and dramatic effects to craft intros that draw viewers into the magic of the movies right from the start.

News intro maker

News Intro Maker

Make your news videos look professional with our news intro maker. Make a news with our stock image, music and give your updates a polished, credible look, so your audience trusts and tunes in regularly.

Anime intro maker

Anime Intro Maker

Bring your anime content to life with our anime intro maker. Use vibrant effects to create intros that capture the essence of anime, making your videos as exciting and colorful as the shows themselves.

What is a You Tube Intro Maker

What is a YouTube Intro Maker?

Fotor's YouTube Intro Maker is an online tool that helps you quickly create an appealing introduction for your video content. It allows users to add their own logos, images, and stickers, and edit with dynamic effects, text styles, and transitions to make your brand identity stand out. Perfect for beginners with no editing experience, and there’s no need to download any other software.

Creating an Animated Intro with Effects Stickers and Transitions

Creating an Animated Intro with Effects, Stickers, and Transitions

Add playful stickers and smooth transitions to elevate your YouTube intro, capturing and holding the viewer's attention right from the start. We offer a variety of stickers, including themes like Christmas, pets, anime, and social media, as well as transitions like fade, ripple, wind, and many more to help you make a memorable first impression.

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Show Off Your Brand and Logo with Different Text Styles1

Show Off Your Brand and Logo with Different Text Styles

Text allows you to quickly convey important information to your viewers, such as your channel name, video title, or episode number. With Fotor's intro maker, you can set the text to be bold, change the background color, rotate, or fill it with different colors. Create catchy phrases or key questions in your intro that are visually appealing and encourage viewers to watch the entire video.

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Rich Music Library for Creating Custom Intros

Rich Music Library for Creating Custom Intros

Elevate your YouTube intros with the perfect soundtrack from Fotor’s extensive music library. Choose from tracks like pop music, tech symphony, punk upbeat, and more to set the mood and theme of your videos. Personalize your audio with fade-in or fade-out effects, and trim or cut any unwanted parts of the songs, leaving only the most important segments. Fotor makes it easy to find music that resonates with your content and engages your audience.

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Watermark free intro maker

YouTube Intro Maker Free Online Without Watermark

Create professional-looking YouTube intros with Fotor's free online intro maker, which comes without any watermarks. Our tool offers a user-friendly interface that's easy to use, allowing you to design and produce a polished intro quickly. Experience the freedom to create high-quality intros that maintain the professional appearance of your videos.

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Why Do You Need an Intro for YouTube?

Let Your Brand Logo Shine: A catchy intro makes your channel instantly recognizable. It helps viewers remember who you are and makes it easier for them to share your videos with friends.

Grab Attention Right Away: A great intro pulls your audience in from the start, making them more likely to stick around and watch the rest of your video.

Look Professional: A polished intro shows that you put effort into your content. It makes your videos look more professional, which can help people take you more seriously.

Set Expectations: Your intro gives viewers a quick peek at what’s coming up. It sets the tone and lets them know what to expect from your video.

Build Viewer Loyalty: When viewers see a familiar intro, it feels like coming home. It helps build a connection and makes them want to come back for more of your videos.

Hook Your Audience: A compelling intro grabs your viewers right away, making them more likely to stay engaged with your content.

All-in-One Video Maker

Drag and Drop Interface

Easy to Use

With our drag-and-drop interface, making a YouTube intro is easy. No video editing experience is needed.

Texts Stickers Effects and Transitions

Texts, Stickers, Effects, and Transitions

Easily create and edit intros with a wide range of texts, stickers, filters, effects, and transitions.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Create, share, and edit YouTube intros in the cloud. Fotor securely stores all your content for easy access.

Stock Images Videos Audios

Stock Audios

Quickly make YouTube intros with stock music, songs, and audio tracks.

Make Videos for Free

Make Intros for Free

Upload your logo, stickers, and images, or use our free stock media to create a YouTube intro at no cost.

Work on Any Device

Work on Any Device

Make YouTube intros from any browser you prefer, or edit on your phone anywhere and anytime.


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