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Create automatic subtitles and captions for your video with Fotor’s AI-powered subtitle generator. Fast, easy, and instant online tool that boosts your efficiency!

Use fotors auto subtitle generator to add subtitle for the video automatically
Use fotors subtitle generator to add subtitle to video automatically

Auto Subtitle Generator to Simplify Your Workflow

Say goodbye to manually adding subtitles to the video from scratch. Fotor offers you an easier and faster tool to make subtitles for your video: AI subtitle generator. Just upload your video clip into our video editor, and utilize our tool to automatically generate subtitles for your video within a short time. Our video caption generator will recognize your audio content and generate subtitles quickly, saving time and energy.

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Edit the the auto generated subtitles for male video in fotor

Correct and Adjust Auto-Generated Video Subtitle Manually

To perfectly match your video and audio content, you can minorly adjust the generated subtitles. You can correct your business, product, service, or organization name if there’s any special spelling or alphabet combination. Once our subtitle generator works, there will be subtitle lines with time on the left toolbar. Thus, you can precisely find the subtitle to correct or adjust.

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Custimize the auto generated subtitle text fonts and formats in fotor

Customize Automatic Subtitle & Captions for Branding

Personalize subtitle text format and color to maximize the visual aesthetic and achieve branding needs. After generating subtitles with our auto caption generator for video successfully, feel free to customize everything about the video subtitles. Whether it’s subtitle formats, alignment, or color, you are in the driver’s seat to bring a professional look to your video and subtitles.

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Elevate the video subtitles with animations in fotors online subtitle generator

Rich Video Subtitle Animations to Choose from

Elevate the subtitles with eye-catching and unique animations. Our video subtitle generator not only allows you to quickly finish adding subtitles but also offers you a wide variety of subtitle animations. From the build-in to the build-out animations, you can fully unleash your creativity to take your video subtitles to the next level!

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Utilize the subtitles to reach to more audience

Generate Subtitles from Video to Increase Audience Reach

Video subtitles matter a lot, playing a crucial role in conveying information and helping reach the maximum audience. If you are making videos about tutorials, Q&A, products, services, and more, you’d better make subtitles to get your audience involved or engaged in the video content through subtitles.

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