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Make birthday videos with songs, images, text, animations, and stickers, etc. With our online birthday video maker, you can unleash endless creativity without any hassle.

Make a kid birthday video with fotor online birthday video maker

All-in-One Birthday Video Maker for Diverse Needs

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Make a birthday video with video photos audio files and stickers

Create Birthday Video in Minutes

Want to make this birthday extra special? Don't miss Fotor's birthday video maker. Craft a stunning birthday video to send your birthday wishes instead of a traditional birthday card. Upload your footage, select and add image, video, and audio media, then level it up with stylish filters and animations. In mere minutes, you can make a birthday video to your heart's content. Say goodbye to complicated design process and hello to effortless video creation.

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Make a birthday cake gif card to celebrate milestone birthday

Make Milestone Birthday Memorable

Treat milestone birthday seriously. Whether it's your 16th, 21st, 30th, or 40th birthday, gather your friends and family to receive heart-warming greetings, video messages, and pictures to make this precious memory last forever. Employ our user-friendly birthday video maker to unlock your whimsy and create a fancy birthday gift to win hearts. Look no further, try now!

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Add birthday wishes to a kid birthday party video using fotor text tool

Infuse Unique Happy Birthday Wishes

Prepare well your birthday video gift with unique and sincere birthday wishes and greetings. With Fotor, you can easily get the work done. Just select the text tool, and type your words in the box. Then further customize by changing fonts, colors, adjusting size, opacity, and adding build-in/out animations.

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Create the birthday party vibe with fotors stock pop music

Ignite Your Birthday Bash With Party Songs

Don't you think a birthday video without music is tedious and boring? Here in Fotor, just let your hassles go away! Explore our vast royalty-free stock media to add background music, sound effects, etc to your video. Set birthday party's mood and vibe with happy birthday songs or pop music. Split audio to highlight its best part. Immerse everyone present in the joyful melody and brisk rhythm.

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Share birthday video message online through video calling

Send Birthday Wishes From Any Place

Fotor's online birthday video maker overcomes distance challenges, making celebrations possible from afar. Wherever you are in the world, just access our browser-based video maker to craft a birthday video with video snippets, images, soundtracks, captions, visual effects, etc. After that, effortlessly share your birthday gift online with your loved ones.

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Make a birthday video with video image and music on fotor video maker

How to Make a Birthday Video?

  • Upload Your Footage: Upload your video snippets by selecting from folders or simply dragging and dropping them to our birthday video maker.
  • Add Media: Upload your own photos, audio files, or explore our vast library of stock media. Click to preview and add your favorite to the timeline.
  • Crop, Split, and Trim: You can adjust the canvas size, choosing between 9:16, 16:9, 1:1 aspect ratio. Split your video into multiple parts and trim them by dragging the edges of each scene to make it longer or shorter.
  • Customize: Next, select the "Text" option from the left toolbar, and type your birthday wishes in the box. Make your birthday video match your taste and aesthetic by adding transitions, effects, filters, animations, and stickers.
  • Export and Share: Finally, preview your birthday video, export, and save it on your device. Then share it online with your friends and family.
Make Birthday Video Now
Use fotor video maker to add voiceover subtitles transitions and slow down birthday video speed

Advanced Assets to Further Make Your Birthday Video

Fotor's creativity doesn't just end here. We offer a collection of advanced tools and options to take your birthday video to new heights. Let's see:

Text to Speech: Type your text and Fotor AI will automatically convert your text into speech. Select from a vast variety of preset voiceovers to give your video a professional look.

Transitions and Effects: Choose from a bunch of transitions to make one clip seamlessly flow to another. Add intro/outro effects to hook the audience or leave them impressed.

Change Video Speed: Speed up birthday video to 16x to create a thrilling atmosphere, or slow it down to 0.1x to make the audience focus on the crucial parts.

Subtitle Generator: Discard manual captioning task. Harness the power of AI, our subtitle generator can recognize your speech and transcribe it accurately into text.

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