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Split MP3 files into multiple tracks. Divide audio into multiple channels, and extract audio from video with online MP3 splitter tool. Export your MP3 files in lossless and crisp quality.

Split an mp3 file into three short clips using fotor mp3 splitter
Use fotor mp3 splitter to cut a mp3 file into three tracks

Split MP3 Files into Multiple Tracks

Do you need to split an MP3 file into multiple tracks? Your search ends here. Our MP3 splitter lets you split, trim, and merge MP3 files with a few clicks. No download and installation required, Fotor offers a smooth and fast experience for its users.

Cut your MP3 files into separate tracks, and make specific edits to each individual. Once you're done, you can export all your audio files in bulk simultaneously. Try now to enjoy this hassle-free service.

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Split a mp3 file and merge with another audio

Merge and Combine MP3 Files

To enhance audience engagement, combine your audio with diverse musical elements. Fotor lets you incorporate one or multiple audio tracks into your initial MP3 file seamlessly. Simply drag your additional audio files onto the timeline. Moreover, you can effortlessly reorder these audio clips by dragging and dropping them within the timeline interface.

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Extract mp3 file from video using fotor audio extracter

Extract MP3 Files From Video

If you have video files and want to edit the audio within them, you can use Fotor as well. Just upload your video, select it on the timeline, and click on the "Extract Audio" button. Volià - the audio will be separated from video within seconds. Now you can edit the audio file directly on the video editor.

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Split an audio and highlight the best part with climax audio

Highlight the Climax of a Song

A video can be splitted into multiple parts to showcase its best part, so does an audio. Our MP3 splitter can split and cut your MP3 files into several short clips and highlight the most catchy melody and impressive lyrics. Pair the climax of a song with the best moments in your video.

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