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Elevate your Instagram content with online Instagram video editor. Select from a huge library of image, video, and audio media, and customize with transitions, effects, filters, animations, text, and stickers.

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Edit instagram sports video with stickers and music on fotor

How to Make a Video for Instagram?

  • Upload Your Footage: Upload your video by selecting from folders or simply dragging and dropping it to our video editor.
  • Add Media: Upload your own images, music, or explore our vast library of stock media. Click to preview and add your favorite to the timeline.
  • Crop, Split, and Trim: Then you can adjust the canvas size, choosing between 9:16, 16:9, 1:1 aspect ratio. And you can split your video into multiple parts and trim them by dragging the edges of each scene to make it longer or shorter.
  • Customize: Make your Instagram video match your taste and aesthetic by adding transitions, effects, filters, animations, text and stickers.
  • Export and Share: Preview your Instagram video, export, and save it on your device. Post it as content for your Instagram Reels or Stories.
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Generate galaxy video from text with fotor ai video generator

Generate Stunning Instagram Video From Text

Want to make impressive videos for your Instagram without any fancy footage? It's easy! With Fotor's advanced AI video generator, you can turn simple text into stunning video content that grabs attention and engages your audience.

Start by picking the main idea or message you want to convey. Whether it's a compelling landscape video, a promotional offer, or a product display with whimsical props, make sure your text prompts are clear, concise, and relevant to your theme. Bid farewell to the fussy process and embrace the effortless text to video conversion.

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Use fotor ai to auto generate captions for your instagram video

Elevate Your Narrative With Accurate Subtitle Generator

As video content dominates social media and streaming platforms, clear and accurate subtitles are more important than ever. Enhance your storytelling with our auto caption generator. It can not only make your content more accessible but also amplify engagement across diverse audiences.

Driven by cutting-edge AI technology, our subtitle generator can transcribe audio to text almost instantly, saving you hours of manual work. In this way, your content gets subtitled and published faster, keeping your audience hooked with fresh material. Provide a smooth and universally enjoyable watching experience for your entire viewers.

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Boost engagement by selecting from a collection of voiceovers

Maximize Viewer Immersion With High-Quality Voiceovers

In the realm of multimedia production, a compelling narrative is only half the battle won. To truly captivate your audience and boost engagement, professional voiceovers bring an unmatched level of depth and emotion to your content.

Recording a professional voiceover requires expertise, time, and cost, but Fotor makes it just a breeze. Simply upload your video footage, and utilize our text to speech function. There are diverse voiceover options to choose from. Select according to the vibe, theme, and target audience of your video content.

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Split and trim your instagram video into multiple clips

Split and Trim Instagram Video for Optimal Length

Hook your audience with the most captivating clips within your video. Simplify your Instagram content creation by precisely trimming unnecessary parts and spotlighting the highlights. Effortlessly adjust your video's duration to ensure an optimal length for your Instagram feed.

Moreover, you can change video speed to control the time within your video. Accelerate up to 10x to inject excitement and thrill, or decelerate to 0.1x to emphasize crucial moments with meticulous detail.

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Customize your instagram video with text overlays filters and transitions

A Vast Collection of Video Editing Tools and Resources

Experiment with an extensive number of editing tools to level up your Instagram video.

Transitions and Effects: Use fade-in/out transitions to make seamless flow in different clips.

Filters: Apply aesthetic and dreamlike filters to create unique vibe and mood for your video.

Text, Graphics, and Stickers: Personalize Your Instagram video with stylish fonts, playful sticker overlays, and captivating graphics.

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Fotor offers a vast library of stock music and video media

Explore Our Royalty-Free Stock Media Library

Our video editor offers a huge library of stock media for you to choose from.

Video: Scroll through our video media to add intro video at the beginning to hook the audience, or entice viewers to subscribe to your channel with Instagram outro.

Image: Add captivating and high-quality images as static transitions within different video clips.

Audio: Explore our audio library to add background music and sound effects to your Instagram Reels, Stories, and videos. Evoke emotions with inspiring soundtracks.

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Benefits of Using Fotor's Instagram Video Editor

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Easy to Use

With our intuitive tools and user-friendly interface, anyone can effortlessly edit video footage like a pro.

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No need to download and install, you can start editing an Instagram video directly from any web browser.

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Stock Media Library

Fotor offers an extensive library of stock media. You can either upload your own footage or select from our preset media. From dynamic video to catchy and immersive music, we've covered all.

Gradient purple constantly updaate features icon

Constantly Update Features

Fotor will constantly optimize our service and put forward new products every month and quarter.

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High Efficient

Our streamlined interface ensures a swift workflow, allowing you to edit and customize your video within minutes.

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HD Output

Fotor guarantees high-quality exports. No quality will be compromised during the whole process. Enjoy this lossless service now.


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