Add Watermark to Video Online Free

Protect your content by adding a watermark to video. Make sure the safety and ownership of your creative work by placing text, logos, or image watermarks.

Add watermark to a woman fitness video with fotor video watermark adder
Easily add a watermark to a man surfing video

Easily Add Watermark to Video

Protect your videos and make sure everyone knows they're yours by adding a watermark with our free online video editor. Just upload your video, put your name or logo where you want it to appear, and you're set. This way, whether you're an experienced filmmaker or a new content creator seeking potential followers, Fotor helps you safeguard your creations with personalized marks.

Add Watermark to Video
Drag and drop a logo watermark to a cake display video

Infuse Brand Logo into Your Video

Infuse your brand identity into every frame by seamlessly integrating your logo into the video content. With our user-friendly video editor, you can effortlessly add your brand's visual signature, ensuring viewers instantly recognize your unique style and reliability.

Use your current logo or design a fresh one using our online logo maker. It's easy – mix and match fonts, colors, and pictures. In just a few clicks, you can turn your ideas into a stunning, professional logo that stands out.

Add Watermark to Video
Customize a video watermark with fonts size color transparency and animations

Customize Video Watermark to Suit Your Taste

Make your video watermark truly unique by exploring a wide range of customization options. Adjust the size, color, and transparency of your watermark to blend it perfectly with your video content. Choose from various effects, like fade-ins or animations, to give your watermark a dynamic touch. Customize to make it a perfect representation of your brand or personal style.

Add Watermark to Video
Place watermark in the center on the upper left or lower right side of a video

Place Watermark Anywhere

Put your watermark wherever you want in the video – at the corner, center, or anywhere else that suits your style. Simply drag the watermark to place it anywhere in the video. You have full control over its placement, so it blends seamlessly with your visuals. Remember not to block any important details in the video.

Add Watermark to Video
Add watermark to a video with fotor video watermark adder

How to Add Watermark to Video?

  • Upload Your Video: Just click on "Add Watermark to Video" to begin and select your file from your folders. Or drag and drop it into the box.
  • Add Text or Image Watermark: Click on "Text" from the left menu, and type your personal or brand name in the box, or upload your image file and place it on your desired location on the video frame.
  • Download Your Video: Now your video has a watermark! Click on "Export" to download your video to your device.
Add Watermark to Video

Why Watermark a Video?

Add watermark to a cat video to avoid content theft

Protect Copyright to Avoid Unauthorized Use

A watermark can act as a deterrent against unauthorized use or plagiarism. By embedding a visible logo, text, or image within the video, it becomes difficult for others to claim the content as their own or redistribute it without giving proper credit. If someone does use the video without permission, the watermark can help in identifying the original creator.

Add watermark to a promotional video to maintain brand consistency on social media

Maintain Consistency Among Different Platforms

whether you're crafting promotional material, social media snippets, or in-depth tutorials, your brand logo becomes an integral part of your video story. Even when videos are shared widely, a watermark ensures that the brand or creator's name stays with the content, potentially leading to increased visibility and new audience reach.

Add brand logo to a car product video

Promote Brand Awareness and Identity

Watermarks can reinforce brand identity by displaying a logo or brand name throughout the video. This helps viewers associate the content with a particular brand, even if the video is shared on different platforms where control over surrounding content (like descriptions or titles) may be limited.

Add watermark to clothes ads video to reveal sales information

Provide Important and Helpful Information

You can also use the watermark feature for other purposes. For example, showcase your contact information throughout the whole video, inform the audience of a special deal of certain product, or promote your social media profiles to expand your reach.


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