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Fotor’s free online workout planner provides you with the most comprehensive and powerful templates. You can customize your own workout plan in minutes without any skill.

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Loads of Easy-To-Use Workout Plan Templates

With a variety of workout planner templates to choose from, Fotor's workout planner makes it easy for you to create professional workout routines. Such as workout journal templates, workout schedule templates, cute workout planner templates, gym workout planner templates, fitness planner templates, etc.

You can enter your plan into a favorite workout plan template and make your workout program unique and personalized in just a few minutes. In addition, you can use the electronic workout plan template as a wallpaper or background, or print it out as a reminder.

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Manage Your Workout Routine for All Aspects

Different kinds of workout routines require different templates. Fotor's workout planner provides a full range of workout schedule templates, including personalized training programs, weight lifting workout plans, fitness workout plans, gym workout routines, etc.

Fotor supports custom modification of templates, you have all the control over the arrangement of the templates, allowing you to make specific changes to the template requirements.

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Stick To Your Every Periodical Workout Plan

For each stage of different template needs, Fotor’s workout planner also provides different exercise schedules suitable for each stage, such as a daily workout plan, weekly workout routine, or monthly workout plan to meet all period exercise routine needs.

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More Than Just a Workout Planner

Not only workout templates, there are also many other workout-related tasks that can be added to your plan.

Fotor's workout planner supports to create the workout related elements, such as workout sheets, workout charts, workout calendars, etc. You can use related elements to enrich your workout plan and prepare for your workout schedule.

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Build Your Own Workout Plan Anywhere

Fotor's workout plan maker is also available on a cell phone. You can easily design your own exercise routine on any portable device. With the portable personal workout planner app, you can create your own workout schedule anytime, anywhere.

All you need is to download Fotor's best workout planner App and log in to easily create your own schedule.

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How to Make a Workout Plan?

  • Click on the “Create Workout Plan Now” button to get started.
  • Click "Templates" on the left, and choose the “Planner” catalog. Enter the keyword "workout planner" in the search box. Browse and choose one workout planner templates you like to canvas and you are free to customize it.
  • You can enter the text of what you plan to do. Still, you can change the colour of the personal planner as needed. Moreover, try some stickers to mark as your personalized planner.
  • Then you can download your own personal planner by clicking the “download” button.
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