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Making a productivity planner helps you relieve pressure and lead to higher efficiency from too many things. With Fotor’s planner maker, you can easily control your life by creating customized planner. You will be able to arrange your schedule and to-do list more clearly and efficiently.

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Easy to Make a Personalized Planner with Fotor’s Planner Maker

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A Large Collection of Design Elements to Customize

Fotor provides a personalized online schedule maker with a load of digital planner templates and planner idea layouts. Whether you prefer minimalistic or elegant planner templates, you will find one that is best for keeping track of projects, appointments, and tasks. Besides, all planner templates are customizable. If you think some of the design elements aren’t tailored to your needs, feel free to adjust the fonts, stickers colors, or anything else to build your own planner.

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More Than a Perfect Planner Maker

When using Fotor’s planner maker, you can get a brilliant and fully customized schedule. However, the Fotor platform still has many other features, such as photo editing, photo collage and graphic design, which also allows you to make collages and perfect graphic designs. After designing a few planners, you can turn them into a collage and get one integrated schedule to better realize your plans. Experiment and try them out to use your creative skills through Fotor!

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How to Create an Awesome Planner

  • Open Fotor and click “Create a Design” feature, and browse our “Planner” layout.
  • Enter search terms into the search box and choose one planner template that works best for you.
  • Customize the planner to fit your tastes by adjusting the font, colors, icons, texts, or the background.
  • Input your plan online with Fotor’s text tool or write it by hand once your print it out
  • Preview and save your work, selecting the format and size you desire.
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