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Create professional timelines in minutes with Fotor’s free online timeline maker.

Visualize your company milestone, event planning, and project process in chronological order with ease.

Create a timeline online easily and quickly with Fotor's timeline maker
Various timeline templates to choose from

Ready-to-Use Timeline Templates to Choose From

Creating a timeline doesn’t have to be complicated. Fotor’s timeline creator comes with a huge variety of professionally designed timeline templates for various purposes and themes. You’ll find free timeline templates for project milestones, company history, important events, and a whole lot more. With so many customizable timeline templates to choose from, you surely find one that fits your needs perfectly.

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Use Fotor's timeline maker to create a vertical timeline

Easy to Use Timeline Maker

Have little to no design skills? You don’t need to. Fotor’s timeline generator has an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that makes it simple to create pro-looking timelines, regardless of your level of experience. With just a few simple clicks, you can easily add time and dates, include timeline events or historical milestones, rearrange the order of images, adjust layouts, colors, and fonts, and more. It takes just a matter of minutes to generate a beautiful timeline with Fotor.

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A huge collection of timeline icons, cliparts, and diagrams

Everything You Need to Build an Informational Timeline Graphic

Fotor’s timeline makers come with a library of free design materials you can use to make your timeline graphics- timeline icons, clip art, diagrams, shapes, lines, and more. You can drag and drop them where you want them to appear on your timeline. Furthermore, you can adjust the size, shape, and colors as desired to make these design materials even more personalized and fit your timeline. Creating a clear and easy-to-read timeline is simple.

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Download or share timeline infographics with ease

Download Your Timeline in Multiple Formats

Fotor’s timeline maker lets you export your timeline as a PDF or common image formats like PNG and JPG. This will make it easier for you to add your timeline to Word, PowerPoint, or Google Slides. Also, you can share your timeline infographics with your team or colleagues via a link, so that they can view and collaborate on your timeline design.

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Fotor's free online timeline maker inteface

How to Make a Timeline?

  • Firstly, click the button "Create a Timeline Now" to get started.
  • Click "Templates" and enter the keyword "timeline" in the search box. Browse through our timeline templates and find one that best fits your needs.
  • Once you’ve found one timeline template you want, click on it to start customizing. Change text and time, add images, shapes, diagrams, charts, and other graphical elements as you like, adjust the layout and length of the timeline, and more.
  • Once you're happy with your timeline, download it to your computer. Depending on your preference, you can export it as JPG, PNG, or PDF file. Creating a timeline was never easier with Fotor.
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Timeline FAQs

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