6 Ways to Highlight Your Photos on Social Media with Text

Want to highlight your sharing photos on social media? Fotor is here to help! Here are 6 tips to create unique photos with text. Adding text to photos can help to express your feeling, or convey important messages and ideas. Some great effect can be achieved by following these 6 steps.


Go Big

Make the text large and bold to draw more attention to the script, people will spend more time on the photo to find the connection and meaning.


Photo by Jesús Arboleya


Go Simple

Often when adding text to an image, ‘More is less’. Let people to see both the photo and the words, adding too many tricks can have the opposite effect.


Photo by Cynthia Oliva Castro


Add Background

The colour of the photo will determine how easily other can read the text. Try to add a background and adjust the background’s opacity, make the text more obvious.


Photo by Morgan Leigh Spicer


Add Highlight

You can add horizontal, vertical, oblique line to the text, it can be full line or a dotted one.

It can help to distinguish the primary and secondary info on the picture.


Photo by irene.vk


Use Different Font

Use 2-3 fonts also can help to distinguish the primary and secondary info.


Photo by Brendan Korman


Use Different Colours

Colours are often associated with various different meaning. Changing the colour of the text can be very effective in improving your message and feeling.


Photo by Miguel Mateo Herrera Campos


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