Generative AI Tools

Experience Fotor's generative AI tools for creating stunning images and videos. Enhance your creativity and productivity with AI.

Fotor generative tools
Create various styles of images with Fotor AI image generator

Unlock the Infinite Possibilities of AI Image Creation

Creating stunning images is easier than ever before with the latest generative AI. Simply input your ideas, and watch as AI creates high quality, unique images that match your vision. From realistic scenes and artistic paintings to cartoon illustrations and 3D characters, explore the limitless possibilities of AI-generated imagery. Try it now and see where your imagination takes you.

Edit images with generative fill and generative expand

Experience Effortless AI Image Editing

Accelerate your image editing projects and processes. Our generative AI tools make it faster and easier to edit photos. Use a simple description to easily replace or add new content in your images with generative fill. Or, extend your image and create new visual elements beyond the original borders with generative expand. Dream it, type it, and see it. Save time and effort on manual photo editing - get instant results with simple text prompts.

Create engaging videos online in seconds with Fotor AI video generator

Elevate Your Storytelling With AI Videos

Say goodbye to expensive video production costs - now you can transform your ideas into engaging videos in a flash with generative AI technology! You can easily create videos about anything- social media videos, cartoons, explainers, product demos, and more. Simply describe your video idea, and let our AI video generator transform it into reality. Get ready to impress your audience with professional-quality videos that grab attention and leave a lasting impact.