What to Write in a Baptism Card: 41 Baptism Card Messages

Summary: Wondering what to write in a baptism card? Get inspired from the baptism card messages we list in this article and create a unique baptism card to send to your loved ones.

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In people’s faith journey, baptism is a great milestone. Different denominations may have different traditions of getting baptized. As the friend or family of the person being baptized, we can create a baptism card to express our best wishes for this joyous occasion.

But what to write in a baptism card? It depends on your relationships with the recipient. Whether you are the uncle, aunt,godparent, friend, or family of the person, it's necessary to know how to write baptism wishes appropriately.

In this article, we list the 41 best baptism card messages, and also some good-looking baptism card templates. Let’s see together!

What Is Baptism?

In the Christian Church, a baptism refers to a sacred religious rite. The minister sprinkles water onto a person's forehead, representing he/she has ended the old life of sin, and begun a new life with Jesus Christ. In many denominations, baptism is performed on young children and is accompanied by name-giving.

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Baptism Quotes & Bible Verses for Baptism Card

Getting baptized means you perceive Jesus as the savior and begin a new relationship with the Christ. In Bible, there are many verses and quotes related to this sacred baptismal rite. You can quote these Bible verses on your baptism card to send your congratulations. See as follows:

1."The lord is planning to give you a future of hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

2. “God gives us power. She laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25

3. “Baptism begins our new life.” John 3:7

4. “This is the moment for which you have new born.” Esther 4:14

5. “You have clothed yourselves with Christ.” Galatians 3:27

6. “There is one body and one Spirit, one lord and one faith.” Ephesians 4:4-6

You can write down the above baptism quotes and Bible verses on a baptism card. Fotor has preset baptism card templates, you can easily choose a template, and make some edits like changing the background color, adding text, etc to personalize your baptism card.

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Baptism Card Messages for A Godchild

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Godparents are the people who witness someone’s baptism and willing to offer help in his later catechesis and spiritual formation. As a godmother or godfather, it’s necessary to send congratulations words for baptism to your godchild. Here we list some baptism wishes:

1.“Dear XXX[the child’s name], I am so honored to be your Godmother/Godfather. Wishing you a lifetime of faith and love.”

2.“May God’s love fill your heart and give you strength throughout your life.”

3.“Wish you feel happy, not just today. Congratulations on your baptism!”

4.“Best wishes for the first steps on your road to a life full of faith and love. Congratulations and have a truly special day.”

5.“May the Lord bless your life with love and happiness. Congratulations on your Baptism.”

6.“May this special event fill your life with joy and peace forever. Have a lovely Baptism and congratulations.”

7.“Cherish this day and embraces your Christian faith.”

8.“God will protect you and guide you towards a life of faith and love. Happy baptism!”

You can feel free to personalize these baptism wishes with your unique memories and heartfelt sayings. Look at this template, it’s cute and perfect for you to write down these wishes and send to your godchild.

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Baptism Wishes for Adults

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Adult baptism is the religious rite of baptizing those who can make a conscious presentation of faith. This contrasts with the practice of baptizing infants. As their friend or family, it’s necessary to send your best wishes as they become the believers of the Christ. You can choose one from the following baptism wishes for adults.

1.“Congratulations on your Baptism! Wishing you all the love, joy, and grace, today and always.”

2.“Your baptism is the beginning of a long, beautiful faith journey. Enjoy it!”

3.“Best wishes! You have taken this next step in your faith journey.”

4.“Congratulations! I am honored to help celebrate your baptism.”

5.“Congratulations! Wishing you joy and love on this special day.”

6.“May you be blessed with God's grace on your baptism day.”

7.“May God bless you as you begin your spiritual journey.”

Pair these baptism wishes for adults with this preset baptism card template on Fotor.

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Baptism Card Messages for Baby Girl

Baptisms are important for babies and young children because babies are born with original sin, they need baptism to cleanse them. For baby girls and boys, the baptism quotes and wishes may be different. Here we list some baptism quotes for baby girl.

1.“Congratulations! God’s love will shine always.”

2.“On this special day, I hope you feel God’s love."

3.“Congratulations! Hope God brings you comfort, strength, and guidance.”

4.“Congratulations, little girl. May your day be filled with joy and love.”

5.Today you feel the Lord’s love and blessing. In the rest of your life, god will light up your dark moments. May God’s grace bless you always.”

6.“Congratulations! I pray that today provides you with wonderful memories for years to come.”

7.“Congratulations, little girl. Hope God blesses you and fills you with love, peace, and happiness today and for all your days to come.”

8.“Congratulations today. I pray that this special milestone is full of love and joy from your friends and family.”

Writing a baptism card can help to celebrate this joyous occasion. You can use the free premade baptism card templates on Fotor.

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Baptism Card Messages for Boy

The bible indicates that infants are to be baptized, and they are meant to inherit the king of heaven. Celebrating a boy’s baptism is important for a family to welcome him join in their beliefs. Here we collect some baptism wishes for boy.

1.“Congratulations on this unforgettable occasion of Baptism.”

2.“May this holy occasion of Christening bring you endless joy.”

3.“May God shower his love and blessings on you, little boy.”

4.“May the Lord bless your life with love and happiness. Congratulations on your Baptism.”

5.“May the blessings on this wonderful day fill your life with joy and peace forever. Have a lovely Baptism and congratulations.”

6.“Hope this wonderful day gives you memories for years to come. Congratulations on your baptism.”

7.“Happy Christening to XXX[boy’s name]. May he grow to walk with the Lord.

Now you can pair these baptism wishes for boy with this baptism card template on Fotor.

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Baptism Card Messages to Parents

If you’re sending a baptism card to the parents instead of the child or baby, these baptism card messages are suitable for showing your heartfelt wishes. The parents will appreciate your presence and sharing joy in their child’s new spiritual path.

1.“May God bless you and your family.”

2.“May God guide and protect you and your child.”

3.“On this special day, may you and your child be blessed with God's grace.”

4.“Hope this day brings you and your family so much joy and peace. Have a very happy christening.”

5.“May God bless your sweet child as he/she begins her spiritual journey.”

As the parents of the children being baptized, you can also make a digital baptism invitation to invite all of your friends and family to witness and celebrate this special day of your child together. There are many preset well-designed baptism invitation templates on Fotor. Each template is editable, you can add text, change background, etc to fit your liking.

Purple Christening Invitation Template

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How to Make a Baptism Card Online

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Make unique baptism cards with card maker Fotor in minutes!

Use them to celebrate your loved one's christening moment!

Make a Baptism Card

As you have known the best baptism card messages, now you can make a baptism card and send it to the recipient being baptized. Fotor's free online card maker provides a wide selection of baptism card templates, together with a huge library design resources and tools, allowing you to make a personalized baptism card to your heart content in just minutes.

Now let’s see how to make a baptism card on Fotor:

make a baptism card on fotor
  1. Go to the Fotor website: https://www.fotor.com/. Click on “Create a design” to turn to the design interface.
  2. Find "Templates" on the left tool menu, and search “baptism card”.
  3. There are a wide collection of card templates with various styles and layouts on Fotor. Additionally, it has abundant design elements and tools. Just choose one baptism card template you like and make relevant changes.
  4. Writing down the baptism wishes on your baptism card. Change the background image, color, or add cute stickers, etc.
  5. Download your baptism card for printing or sending in a digital version.


Witnessing a loved one get baptized is a very meaningful moment in their faith path. Getting baptized means a growing or a new connection with Jesus, and say goodbye to the previous sin and welcome to a new life. You should send your loved one or parents of the baby a baptism card to convey your congratulations.

Above we share the 41 best baptism card messages to help you figure out what to write in a baptism card. Feel free to use and personalize them based on your needs and preferences.