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Fotor's card maker helps you create a heartwarming welcome card quickly. Customize welcome card templates and add rich design elements. We hope you can use it to increase relationships between new people.

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Why do We Recommend Using Fotor's Welcome Card Maker

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Express Your Welcome with a Custom Welcome Card

Quickly bring people closer together with a custom welcome card. In addition to exquisite card templates, Fotor's welcome card maker also provides thousands of HD pictures, abundant card stickers, and welcome icons. Personalized fonts and well-written text can show your intentions in the details.

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Use Welcome Cards on Different Occasions to Achieve Amazing Results

Sending a business welcome card to a new business partner can maintain a good business relationship. The company provides special discounts to new customers on the welcome card, which can increase purchases. Promote unity and cooperation between employees and establish the required support base. A welcome card for new employees can achieve the effect.

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How to Make a Welcome Card?

  • Click the "Make a Welcome Card Now" button on this page.
  • After entering the edit page, first, browse the card templates in the templates on the left and select one to edit. Or start designing directly from a blank canvas.
  • Then, choose the right background color, add welcome stickers and icons, apply the font you like, and edit your welcome message.
  • After the welcome card is completed, select an appropriate format and save it locally for subsequent downloads. You can also choose to send it directly in the form of an e-card.
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Welcome Card FAQs

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