56 Super Bowl Party Invitation Wording Ideas in 2024

Summary: To celebrate 2024 super bowl, it's best to gather friends in a party. Make super bowl party invitations easily with the wordings in this blog.

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There is no better way than hosting a party and gather your friends for the Super Bowl celebration. You can cheer, scream, and share the joy and excitement .

When crafting Super Bowl party invitations, you may have thousands of words to say. However, the space of an invitation card is limited, and how to neatly arrange the content is crucial for the visual aesthetics.

In this blog, we’ve listed 56 Super Bowl party invitation wording ideas tailored to various situations. Further, an online card maker is offered to help you make Super Bowl party invitations with eye-catching templates. Now, let's see together!

When and Where Is Super Bowl 2024?

The 2024 Super Bowl will be played in Las Vegas on Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024. The game will kickoff at Allegiant Stadium at 6:30 p.m.

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What to Write on Your Super Bowl Party Invitations?

• Header

Start your Super Bowl party invitation with a catchy title or headline to grab viewers’ attention. For example:

“Join Us for the Ultimate Super Bowl Bash!”

• Date, Time, and Location

Clearly state the date, time, and location of the party. Mention the day of the week to avoid confusion. Mention the venue or address where the party will be held. If it's at your home, include your address.

• Theme, Activities, and Treats

Highlight the theme and special activities you'll provide during the party. For example, you will organize the guests to play Super Bowl party games like Super Bowl bingo or a betting pool. As to the party treats, mention the food and drink options or ask guests to bring a dish to share.

• Additional Information

Include any other important details, such as parking information, any specific rules or guidelines, and whether children are welcome.

• Closing

End your invitation with a warm and enthusiastic closing.


"Get ready for an unforgettable Super Bowl night!"

"Let's cheer on our favorite teams together!"

• Contact Information

Provide your contact information like phone numbers, email address for guests to ask for any questions.

56 Super Bowl Party Invitation Wording for Funny Gathering

It’s quite troublesome to come up with a huge number of Super Bowl party invitation wording ideas. But no worries, I'll provide you with a variety of themes and sample wordings to inspire you:

Igniting the Super Bowl Spirit

As an inspiring force, every year, the super bowl spirit will spread nationwide, and ignite the minds and hearts of football fans. It's not just a football game, but also a cultural phenomenon, and a celebration of athleticism, teamwork, and the competition spirit. It’s deeply rooted in every American’s inner heart. Here you can use invigorate wordings to awake the Super Bowl spirit.

  1. "Are you ready for some football? Come celebrate the Super Bowl with us!"
  2. "Kick off your shoes. Join us for a great Super Bowl party!"
  3. "The clock is ticking, and kickoff is near. Let's get ready for the Super Bowl!”
  4. "Brace yourself for the ultimate football rivalry! Who's side are you on? Join us for the Super Bowl showdown!"
  5. "It's a rivalry party for the ages! Show your team pride at our Super Bowl bash."
  6. "Get ready to witness the fiercest football rivalry at our Super Bowl party!"
  7. "Join us for a rivalry party that will have everyone talking long after the game!"
  8. "Football rivalries come to life at our Super Bowl showdown!"

Spreading Cheer and Excitement for Game Day

All the football fans are looking forward to 2024 Super Bowl for a whole year. As to Super Bowl party invitation wording, you can express how much you’re excited and cheerful about this big event to resonate with your friends.

  1. "Get ready to tailgate indoors! Let's tackle the Super Bowl together!"
  2. "Tailgate in style at our Super Bowl party. Football and fun await!"
  3. "Put on your jersey and grab your foam finger. It's time to tailgate at home!"
  4. "Watch super bowl game with us and enjoy the Super Bowl like never before!"
  5. "Let's turn our living room into a paradise for the Super Bowl!"
  6. "Catch football fever with us at our Super Bowl party! It's game time!"
  7. "We've got football fever, and the only solution is more Super Bowl!"
  8. "Join us for some football fever and a side of nachos at our Super Bowl bash!"
  9. "Football fans unite! Let's catch the Super Bowl fever together!"
  10. "We got a fever, and the only cure is the Super Bowl. Come join the party!"

Uniting in Support of Favorite Teams

At Super Bowl party, all the football fans gather in one place to support their favorite teams. They cheer, scream, and applaud when watching the game. Here are some Super Bowl party invitation wording that can help to ignite their team spirit.

  1. "Show your team colors and cheer until your voice gives out! Join us for the Super Bowl!"
  2. "Wear your favorite team's jersey and join the rivalry at our Super Bowl bash!"
  3. "Cheer up, wear your team's gear, and celebrate the Super Bowl with us!"
  4. "Are you in support of which team? Pick your side and join the party!"
  5. "Come in your team's colors and let's create a sea of football spirit!"
  6. “It’s game time! Come over and cheer on your favorite team at our Super Bowl bash.”
  7. “Ready to cheer on your team? Join us for a Super Bowl Party filled with excitement.”
  8. “Cheer for your team and enjoy great company at our Super Bowl gathering.”

Highlighting Super Bowl Significance

As the biggest sports event in US, super bowl attracts millions of audience. Not only for watching the football game, but also for its performances, commercials, and party events. When considering Super Bowl party invitation wording, you can lay emphasis on its significance.

  1. "Join us for an epic Super Bowl showdown! Never miss this wonderful party!"
  2. "It's Super Bowl party time! Join us for the biggest football event! "
  3. "Hey friends, huddle up and watch the big game together!"
  4. "Break out lucky jersey. Join us for the big game!"
  5. "Hey, football fans! Ready for the biggest game 2024? Join us!
  6. "Hey football fans! Never miss! Join us for a Super Bowl party you won't forget!"
  7. "Gear up for game day! You're invited to our Super Bowl celebration! Let's watch the big game together and cheer on our teams!"

Boosting Social Gathering with Friends

Super Bowl party is more than just celebrating the big event together. It’s a great time to gather all the friends and enjoy the happy moments. Thus you can highlight how much you miss your friends and want to see them quickly on the Super Bowl party invitations.

  1. "To all the football fans, you're invited to our Super Bowl party extravaganza! Let's come together for a day of fun, food, and friendly rivalry.!"
  2. "Hey, buddy, get ready to tackle some snacks and cheer on your favorite team! Come join us!"
  3. "Dear friends, come celebrate Super Bowl Sunday with us in style.”
  4. "Hey pals, don't miss this opportunity! You're invited to our Super Bowl party.”
  5. "You're invited to our Super Bowl party! Come kick off, relax, and enjoy the game with us."
  6. "Dear friends, join us for a Super Bowl party to remember! Let's cheer on our teams."
  7. "Come join the winning team at our Super Bowl party! It's sure to be a touchdown-worthy event filled with laughter, snacks, and good times. “

Revealing Party Treats Ahead

As a host, you need to prepare delicious food and drinks ahead for your guests. On super bowl party invitations, you can mention the treats and dishes to show how considerate you are.

  1. "Come for the football, stay for the food! You're invited to our Super Bowl party!"
  2. "Join us for the ultimate Super Bowl showdown! Food, drinks, and football await!"
  3. “Come and enjoy the feast. We gather for an unforgettable day."
  4. “We have plenty of food and drinks to for the whole afternoon. Don't miss out!”
  5. "We have everything essential for a great party – food, drinks, and of course, football! Don't miss out on the fun.”
  6. “Huddle up for a Super Bowl Party you won’t forget! Food, drinks, and football provided.”
  7. “Touchdowns, tackles, and terrific food! You’re invited to our Super Bowl party.”
  8. “Super Bowl Sunday + Great Friends + Delicious Food = Our Super Bowl Party! Be part of the equation.”

Expressing Passion and Love for Football

On super bowl day, crazy fans do a lot more activities to show their cheer. They hold banners, signs, and flags of their favorite teams to show their allegiance. They play Super Bowl party games to ignite the fire of excitement.

  1. “We're thrilled to invite you to our super bowl party! Join us for a memorable day.”
  2. “Score big with us at our Super Bowl Party! Food, fun, and football are guaranteed.”
  3. “Kick off your Super Bowl Sunday with us! Food, friends, and football—what more could you want?”
  4. “A Super Bowl Party to remember! Join us for a night of football and fun.”
  5. “Super Bowl Sunday is approaching! Be a part of the action at our football fiesta.”
  6. “Are you game for some football fun? Come over for our Super Bowl watch party!”
  7. “Don’t be a party pooper—be a Super Bowl party trooper! Join us for a fantastic football fiesta.”
  8. “Let’s tackle the Super Bowl together! Come over for a day of football and feasting.”

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Free Super Bowl Party Invitation Templates

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Final Words

Planning a super bowl party starts with an invitation. Whether you prefer a casual gathering or a grand extravaganza,the focus is to convey the excitement and anticipation for the big event. With the above 56 super bowl party invitation wording ideas, it's easy to capture the attention of your guests and kick off the celebrations in cheer.