How to Make Party Invitations for Your Big Events

There is one thing we all have in common, we all have birthdays! And whether it’s with friends and family, or the whole neighborhood there is nothing better than throwing a party for your loved ones both young and old. The first step to getting any party started is by setting up and sending out the invitations!

Buying premade invitations can not only be expensive but sometimes it can seem impossible to find the exact theme you are going for, and that’s where Fotor comes in. Also, you will know how to make party invitations for your big events. Making it both simple and affordable to create completely custom birthday invitations that will let your guests know it’s time to celebrate!

1. Find the Perfect Invitation for Everyone

There’s a perfect party invitation for everyone, whether it’s grandma and grandpa, or the new baby in the family! Let’s take a look at some of the trends that are sure to put a smile on both the birthday boy or girl and the guests!

1.1 Perfect for Children

While everyone loves a party, young children are the ones who really look forward to the yearly celebration that is all about them! When it comes to children’s parties there is a whole list of different themes and characters that the innovation can incorporate making them one of the more fun and creative invitations to create!

blue and white kid birthday party

For both young boys and girls, you can’t go wrong with adding a whole lot of color along with different illustrations and cartoon characters! If you are having a party in the summer, adding in fun beach accessories will be the perfect way of letting your guests know they are in for some summer fun!

unicorn birthday party invitation

Unicorns never go out of style when it comes to little girls! Adding a unicorn illustration will be a sure-fire hit with the birthday girl along with her friends!

pink horse birthday party

Have a little girl who’s turning one? Try this ultra-cute unicorn-themed template, where the “1” is the unicorn!

red and white kid birthday party invitation

Placing your child’s image on an invitation will make them feel like a celebrity for the day! And after the party is done, you and your family members can keep the invitation as a keepsake. You can also use Fotor’s image editor to make the image extra special, and really “pop!”

Create an invitation centered around the child’s favorite color! In Fotor, you can edit the background, texts and sticker colors to make sure the invitation is tailor-made for your little one!

1.2 Perfect for Pets

Yes, even your furry friends love a birthday party! Whether it’s a local dog park, or you are hosting it in your own back yard inviting over your and your dog’s closest friends will lead to a howling good time!

green and white cute pet birthday invitation

Go above and beyond by adding the cartoon faces of your friend’s pup’s face to the invitation turning into not only just a party invite but a keepsake to hang onto! Everyone knows you can never have too many furry friends around!

yellow dog party invitation

You can never go wrong with puns! Adding a fun animal-themed pun to your invitation will not only give your guest the information they need but will also put a smile on your face.

yellow cute dog birthday party invitation

How do you know a good dog pun from a bad dog pun? The good ones make you bark with laughter!

1.3 Perfect for Youth

It’s an exciting time when little ones become big ones and it’s a cause for celebration! Gone are the days of cartoons, party favors, and banners, however. Now it’s about party experience! Youths love inviting their friends over for games, food, and fun so it’s always a great idea to let you your guest know what the activities that will be going on at your teen’s birthday.

yellow go bowling celebration party invitation

Having a party at a certain location or venue? Make that the star of the design so the parents know exactly what their teen might need to bring with them. Who doesn’t love a good pizza party at the local bowling place!

light green celebration party invitation

Just because they are getting bigger doesn’t mean they don’t love presents. This tiffany blue invitation still screams “party” but with a more sophisticated color scheme. Perfect for the refined young lady who is about to get a little older.

white birthday party invitation

Keep it all about the party with this minimal but bold party invitation template. Letting your guests know that this day is all about one thing: the party! It may also be a good idea to let your guests know if there will be food and if presents are encouraged or not.

pink balloon birthday party invitation

Keep it simple, but still festive, with a minimalistic design that features your teen’s favorite colors or the colors of the other party decorations.

white cute birthday party invitation

Growing up is exciting for young-adults! Make their age the main attraction with this confetti themed invitation perfect for both boys and girls.

1.4 Perfect for Adults

The young aren’t the only ones who like to party! There are many more milestone birthdays to be had once you have left your teen years and they call for a celebration! When putting a party together for someone older, it’s important to know exactly what they love and how they’d like to spend their birthday. It is about them after all!

green balloon and leaves birthday party

Pastels are always trendy and perfect for not only every age but every occasion! You could easily change out the balloons for something else and completely change the event!

21th birthday invitation

The 21st birthday is one of the biggest parties people may end up having in their life! Let’s your guests know that you intend to have a good time and want them to join in by adding “BYOB”, or bring your own beer, right onto the invite.

dark blue light birthday party invitation

Celebrate the big “30” with a classy yet festive innovation that features romantic string lights that still give off the vibe of party and fun. You can even change the colors of the lights to the person’s favorite color inside Fotor!

masquerade party invitation

Having a themed party? Why not make it a masquerade! Add a mask right onto the invitation so your guests know to dress up and get ready for a night of drinks and fun.

summer hawaii birthday party invitation

Or create that vacation you have been dying for by throwing your own Hawaiian lush, of course with matching invitations so your guests know Hawaiian shirts are not only welcome but encouraged!

white picnic party invitation

Sometimes those days of drinking and going all night long are far behind us, but you still want to get together for good food, conversation, and memory-making. This invitation is perfect for dinner parties!

black and red gaming party invitation

You may be entering your twilight years, but some party animals never die! Treat your guests, and yourself, to a night of food, drinks, and gambling! Let your guests know that you intend to meet lady luck tonight with the casino themed invitation!

2. Tutorials: How to Make a Party Invitation

Let’s do a quick step by step walkthrough of how to create a party invitation in Fotor! First, we will look at how to customize a template and then how to create a party invitation from scratch!

Fotor web tool


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Create a Design Now

2.1 Create a Party Invitation With Fotor’s Template

  • Step 1

First, if you haven’t already you will want to choose to Create a Design and then click Invitation.

all-in-one graphic design and photo editing tool
  • Step 2

Once here, you can choose from dozens of different templates! Use the top search bar to search for a specific kind of part or even design.

choose a template
  • Step 3

Once you have selected your template you can change the text by clicking the line of text you want to change, selecting the text, and then typing on your own. It’s that simple!

customize the text
  • Step 4

Change the background color by clicking on the background, and then choose your colors found in the upper left-hand corner.

You can change the color of text and shapes as well!

change the color

Once you are all done, just go to Save, and that’s it! Your invite is ready to send out.

red quittance party invitation

2.2 Start from Scratch

What if you want to make your design from scratch? Well, it’s just as easy!

  • Step 1

First, set the size of your new design to Invitation.

choose a size
  • Step 2

Change the background color by clicking on the background, and then choose your colors found in the upper left-hand corner.

change the background color

Next, add some fun illustrations using stickers found on the left-hand side. You can type in specific keywords to choose the perfect illustration for your event or party. Drag, drop and rotate the sticker to place them. Add as many as you’d like!

add stickers
  • Step 3

Add text and all of your invitation information by going to the Text option, found on the left-hand side directly below stickers.

add text

Choose your text, then click and type! You can change the color, font face and add things like underlines and bold all with just a few clicks!

  • Step 4

Save your image by clicking on Save found in the upper right-hand side of the top toolbar.

Select your settings, making sure to set the quality to High, name your file, and then hit Download. And you are done!

black and white birthday party invitation

3. FAQs

  • What information should I add to a party invitation?

You should add the time, date and location. If they need to RSVP you should indicate that and how to go about RSVPing. Finally, you should include the name of the person who the party if for or what kind of party it is Ie. a birthday, graduation or go away party.

  • How do you send party invitations?

After saving your design, you can either print them out and sent them out by mail or send them out digitally through email or even social media!

  • How do you design a party invitation?

Go to and either select a template to edit or start your own from scratch. Add your own text, edit the design to your liking and then save!


No matter your age it’s always fun to celebrate a birthday! And the fun doesn’t stop there, it could be a graduation, a welcome home or a going-away party. No matter the event an invitation is the best way to let everyone know that there is a party and that they are invited! And with Fotor you can know how to create the perfect party invitation with just a few clicks!

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