AI Yearbook Generator

Surprisingly get an AI yearbook photo of your own to recall your precious high school days!

Upload a selfie, and let Fotor’s AI yearbook generator magically take you back to the 90s in no time!

Generate two ai yearbook photos from a female portrait with fotor ai yearbook generator
Make an ai generated yearbook photo from male portrait

Create 90s AI Yearbook Photo Instantly

Powerful as our AI yearbook maker is, it’s an easy-to-use platform that you can make a yearbook with AI instantly. Just upload a photo of yourself, choose an AI yearbook photo style and template you like, and instantly you can generate your own nostalgic yearbook image with face swap! Give our AI yearbook generator a try to relive your glorious high school days!

Generate Free AI Yearbook Photo
Six ai yearbook photo templates covering a wide variety from fotor ai yearbook generator

Multiple Retro AI Yearbook Template Ideas Available

Fotor offers a wide selection of AI yearbook templates to cater to everyone's unique style. Whether you want a Megan Fox cheerleader yearbook image or the AI yearbook with 90s poses, we’ve got you all covered. Drag your selfie here and let our AI yearbook generator magically transform your selfie into the trendy AI yearbook masterpiece now!

Generate Free AI Yearbook Photo
Customize the ai generated yearbook photo backdrop in fotor

Enjoy Exclusive 90s Backdrop to Level Up AI Yearbook Image

Meanwhile, you can enhance and personalize your AI yearbook picture with the yearbook creator from Fotor. Once you've got your AI-generated yearbook photo, leverage our built-in background generator to infuse that unmistakable 90s vibe. All the 90s backdrops are under your control to create nostalgic and exclusive AI yearbook photos!

Generate Free AI Yearbook Photo
Post female ai yearbook photo to social media platform

Post AI Yearbook Photo to Catch AI Photo Trend

Since the AI yearbook trend is taking over social media, it’s never too late to create your stylish AI yearbook image with our AI yearbook generator! Just upload your selfie, and spend a few seconds creating your own trendy AI yearbook image. Then, post it to your Instagram or TikTok to win over likes and comments!

Generate Free AI Yearbook Photo
Make a yearbook with the ai generated yearbook photos in fotor

Make Yourself a Nostalgic Yearbook with AI Yearbook Photos

Surprisingly, you can even make yourself with a nostalgic yearbook to surprise your besties and friends in high school. After generating their AI yearbook photos, select one yearbook template you like, and customize a retro yearbook to recall and memorize your glorious high school days!

Generate Free AI Yearbook Photo
Generate a male ai yearbook photo using fotor ai yearbook generator

How to Use AI Yearbook Generator?

  • Click the “Generate Free AI Yearbook Photo” button to open Fotor’s AI yearbook generator.
  • Scroll down to choose your favorite template, and upload your own selfie to stay ready for your own AI yearbook photo.
  • Our AI yearbook creator will automatically transform your selfie into a nostalgic yearbook photo with a face swap.
  • Download and share your AI generated yearbook photo to social media platforms.
Generate Free AI Yearbook Photo