8 LinkedIn Banner Ideas to Level Up Your Profiles

Summary: This is a post that shares the creative LinkedIn banner ideas that will make you stand out from the rest with unique and professional backgrounds for LinkedIn.

linkedin banner ideas and six linkedin banner templates from fotor

To have the best presence of your career in LinkedIn platform, making an everlasting impression on the viewers and the recruiters is crucial. What you should do is to enhance your online LinkedIn page, where present your digital resume and portfolio.

However, first thing of first, never forget to make an impressive LinkedIn banner or the LinkedIn cover photo. A well-designed and attention-grabbing LinkedIn banner can instantly showcase your personal brand and attract potential connections and employers.

In this blog, we will share the best 8 LinkedIn banner ideas that will make you stand out from the crowd and showcase your personal brand in the best possible light. Whether you are a job seeker, entrepreneur, or industry professional looking to enhance your professional image, these LinkedIn banner ideas will inspire you to create a striking LinkedIn cover photo that reflects your professional identity. Let’s get started!

LinkedIn Banner Dimensions You Should Know

linkedin banner dimension of personal profile

Before making your own LinkedIn cover photo, you should know the optimum LinkedIn banner sizes in order to maximize your LinkedIn background presence.

Usually, The LinkedIn banner size should be within the 1584 x 386 pixels, and usually it’s the optimum LinkedIn cover photo size.

And the LinkedIn banner image should be the PNG, JPEG, or GIF image format, and the image file size should be less than 8 MB (Maximum).

8 LinkedIn Banner Ideas That Make You Stand Out

1. Use the Linked Background Banners with Encouraging Quotes

LinkedIn page is your online presence of you when you seeking a job, so you should make sure that your dream and your personality should be visualized and noticed at the very first glance. Thus, you can make your LinkedIn background image creatively designed with some encouraging quotes to show your life and working attitude, which will make you trustworthy.

And when you are placing the quotes on your LinkedIn headers, you should make sure that they are visible and clearly presented on the screen. Hence, you should make the encouraging quotes right placed on your LinkedIn banner.

linkedin banner template with encouraging quotes from fotor

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2. Add Your Mission to Your LinkedIn Banners

Similarly, show your mission is a good way to present the value and attitudes of your brands or your organizations. You can add bold text of your missions on your company LinkedIn background photo. The mission can be a short sentence, or it can be the core value of your companies. Moreover, you can add a small company logo to your LinkedIn banner to make it professional.

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3. Showcase You Doing Your Work in Your LinkedIn Cover Photo

Still, you can use the photo of you are doing your work as the Linked banner image. Whether you are giving speech, drawing a design, working on a project, or taking a photography, these images as the LinkedIn banner photos will make your LinkedIn page amazing because you are showing your expertise and your working mood to the job recruiters. But you should make sure the images should be resized into the qualified LinkedIn banner size, otherwise your images will be distorted and present incorrectly.

linkedin banner showing you're doing your work template from fotor

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4. Display Your Workplace in Your LinkedIn Banner Background Image

Moreover, you can take a picture of your workplace or your workstation and use it as the backgrounds for LinkedIn profiles. Whether it’s your working tables or the panorama of your office, it’s a good LinkedIn background. This is a way to show your working environment and atmosphere in your working place. By the way, you should make the LinkedIn header neat and clean, because that would be better when showing your working station in your LinkedIn banner.

linkedin banner template from fotor that showcases workplace

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5. Present Your Project, Product, and Service in the LinkedIn Headers

If you are enhancing your LinkedIn page and LinkedIn presence, you can take making a professional LinkedIn banner that truly show your amazing projects, products, and services that you have done and offered. You can take a picture or make an icon to stand for it when you want to apply as the LinkedIn banner image design materials. At this moment, the more you have, the better your LinkedIn page will be, because you are doing great on your projects, products, and services.

linkedin banner template that displays services and products

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6. Try Modern Minimalist LinkedIn Backgrounds

If you have no ideas about the LinkedIn banner style, try the popular modern minimalist LinkedIn backgrounds. This won’t mess up your whole LinkedIn page and presence because they are neat and minimalist. You can use some building pictures, landscapes, skylines of your cities. Or you can use some aesthetic backgrounds as your LinkedIn covers.

modern linkedin banner template from fotor

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7. Use Some Cute LinkedIn Banners with Cartoon Illustrations

It’s also a great idea that you can try some cartoons or cute LinkedIn banners. This is a way to show your life attitude – loving, adorable, and cute. You can add some cute stickers or cute icons as your LinkedIn image design elements to make your LinkedIn banner adorable enough. Still, you can find some cute cartoon illustrations online and resize it to use as the LinkedIn profile banners.

cute cartoon linkedin banner template from Fotor

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8. Apply Abstract LinkedIn Background Photos

Still, you can use some abstract images as the LinkedIn backgrounds. This is a way to show your difference and unique taste. Abstract backgrounds can be something unique and creative with lines and shapes, or it can a scene of usual visual. Plus, you should pay attention that it can’t go too far. And the color, typography, and mood should positive.

abstract linkedin banner template from fotor

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How to Make Your Own LinkedIn Banners

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customize the linkedin banner template in fotor online linkedin banner maker
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In this blog, we have shared the dimensions of LinkedIn banner, and we have also shared the 8 creative LinkedIn banner ideas to help you stand out from rest with a professional LinkedIn profile background and presence online. From the LinkedIn banner with encouraging quotes to the minimalist LinkedIn banners, we have got you all covered. Moreover, you can use professional LinkedIn banner maker to customize your LinkedIn cover photo to perfect. Hope you find this blog helpful!