9 Best Inspired Meme Ideas to Keep You Motivated (2024)

Summary: This is a post sharing 9 best inspired meme ideas for you to create your own motivational memes to cheer yourself or your families and friends up during the tough times.

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Everyone will experience hard times, and all of us will get frustrations from work, school, and relationships. Sending some inspired memes to uplift people around you who are facing challenges and frustrations is a way to encourage them to move forward in a gentle way while showing your kindness and care.

Since different people may have different sufferings, you should find a suitable motivational meme. If you don’t know what kind of inspired memes should be sent to your families and friends who are suffering a lot, check the following 9 inspired meme ideas to sparkle you. Let’s dive in!

9 Inspired Memes Ideas to Get You Through the Hard Times

1. You Got This Meme

As one of the popular positive memes that are usually used to encourage and uplift people, the “YOU GOT THIS” meme should be your first choice when there is someone who is tackling with tough but important work.

Sharing “YOU GOT THIS” memes before a job interview, a big project, and a test conveys a message to the recipients that there is someone always supporting you and you should give it a go with all your efforts.

Get a “YOU GOT THIS” meme featuring a person or an animal that looks confident and determined while having the bold text “YOU GOT THIS” now!

a racoon inspired meme with caption chill, you got this

2. You’re the Best Meme

When someone around who is upset and has self-doubts about his or her ability and feature, don’t hesitate to send a “YOU ARE THE BEST” meme to boost his or her self-esteem and confidence.

Moreover, a “YOU ARE THE BEST” meme is an effective way to say that there is always someone knowing how hardworking you are and you will get what you want. So, it’s time to find an image with the bold text “YOU ARE THE BEST” and send it to someone around you.

an inspired meme featuring a panda and the caption you are the best

3. Funny Motivational Memes

A funny meme with a humorous image and a motivational caption is a so-called funny motivational meme, which is a good way to motivate someone in a lighthearted way when he or she is upset or blue.

But you need to know that a funny inspiring meme should be used correctly because not everyone will respond well to it. So, when sending a funny meme, you should make sure the image or the subject in the meme is a sweetener with humor to the receiver. Otherwise, you should make a funny inspired meme.

funny running bear meme with motivational caption

4. Motivational Memes for Work

When someone is frustrated by the work or faced with challenges or distractions, you can send him or her a motivational meme to reduce the stress and remind him of his potential. Still, it’s a way to foster teamwork productivity and create a supportive work environment.

When making a motivational meme for work should make sure that the meme is not offensive and show your kindness and care to your upset colleague. You’d better choose some memes with funny or witty meanings.

inspiring sponge bob meme for work with the caption teamwork makes the dream work

5. Be Kind Meme

Usually, in work, life or online interactions, you can use "be kind" memes to promote or encourage compassion and understanding for others who need to be lost because they are suffering from pain or disappointment that we can't relate to.

When sending a "be kind" meme, it is important to note that the content of the meme and the accompanying text should be polite and positive so that the other person will not feel offended.

a black and white inspired be kind meme

6. Motivational Quote Memes

If you want to help your friend cheer up with a motivational quote, you can't miss the motivational quote meme. Often, motivational quote meme features characters or animals with an inspiring look and a quote on it.

Motivational quote memes are used when your friends are stressed or seeking inspiration. With a motivational quote meme, you can help individuals focus on their goals.

inspiring meme qith the quote from dr apj abdul kalam

7. Happy Memes About Life

Be aware that a positive meme can change people's minds in an instant, especially for some people who are suffering from a setback, so you can use a motivational meme to change someone's negative thoughts.

To stop the people around you from feeling down about life and cheer them up, you can use a happy meme about life to tell them that life is good and there are always surprises and results you want waiting for you at some point.

inspired meme with a girl and the motivational and postive caption about life

8. Funny Support Memes

If you are a person who is not good with words or a subtle person, you can use emojis to express your support for someone. This way, it perfectly avoids your lack of words and also makes the receiver feel your support for him.

People always expect to get support from others, especially from their friends and family, when going through some shock or sadness. Thus, a funny support meme is a great way to diffuse sadness and show support.

funny supportive meme for friends featuring sponge bob

9. Progress Memes

When you want to celebrate the success of your friend or family member, you can send a progress meme in your WhatsApp to express your congratulations to them. progress memes will keep the recipient in high spirits toward his next goal because he knows through this meme that his progress is always known.

inspired making progress meme

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In this blog, we have shared 9 best inspired meme ideas to motivate and encourage someone who is frustrated and upset around you. You can try the “YOU GOT THIS” or the “YOU ARE THE BEST” meme to show how much you care about them. Sending motivational memes or funny support memes is an effective way to convey your love and support to someone who is facing distractions and challenges. Try Fotor’s AI meme generator to make your own inspired memes is very easy, even if you are not good at designs. Hope you find this blog helpful.