6 Tips on How to Snap a Great Photo of Yourself


Why are someone’s selfies great? What are the techniques and poses for selfies in daily life? Angles and techniques are very important. The following are 6 simple and practical tips that you’ll get in an instant!


1. Put your mobile phone in a low position.

Put your mobile phone at the same height as your waist, or on the ground. It is unique to take photographs from the low perspective, just like the photo shown below which is a good selfie.


2. Take photos with the sculptures.

The sculptures are the “eyes”, the “souls”, the “encyclopedias”, and the “name cards” of the cities. Meanwhile, the sculptures represent a city’s cultural connotation and the spirits. Take photos with the sculptures in the city. Isn’t it funny when you take pictures with a sculpture?


3. Leverage a jumping pose.

Good postures involve trial and error. A selfie is to enjoy yourself. Besides, we won’t be shy and awkward like facing photographers. Therefore, the jumping pose is a shortcut to express yourself. Remember to take a bunch of photos and then pick the best one. Keep in mind that sometimes the subtle expressions and actions can only be seen through the comparison of multiple photos.


4. Capture the view of your back.

“When you watch the scenery from the bridge, the sightseer watchers watch you from the balcony. The bright moon adorns your window while you adorn another’s dream.” In a wide background, capturing your back will make the picture full of artistic beauty, so that people will have unpredictable, endless imagination.


5. Look back and snap a street photograph!

This technique has been around for ages. All you have to do is to walk forward and look back. This will give an illusion that someone takes pictures for you. So, walk randomly, swing your arms and look back and you’ll capture it!


6. Capture your shadows.

Choose the angles with good lighting to capture the shadows! Pay attention to the position of the sun, the angles of the light, and choose simple and clean walls or even the grounds as much as possible. When taking pictures, shadows will give you many options. It’s just like opening another door to a new world. The shadows can also be used to express characters’ status, characters’ mood, and those images that words fail to express.


How about it? After reading this article, do you want to have a try? It’s better to take a picture of yourself and record your own unique story!

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